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Essay on Decision-making and Problem-solving

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George Washington University
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Secondly, I found that when faced with a particularly urgent situation that needs da decision urgently, I normally get confused on which alternative I should choose.  I find myself making wrong decisions because I have no time to think about the available options and weight them (Simon, 2000). Therefore, in overall, Im a poor decision maker when it comes to situations of urgency. I prefer making decisions that have time so that I can be able to examine various options and later choose the options that score high over others.

One area which I feel that I need to improves when making a decision is the area of critical thinking. In some cases, I fail to weigh the facts of the situation before making an informed decision. To reach the best decisions in any situation, it is required that one need to apply the critical and creative thinking (Kahneman, 2013). This skill helps one to separate facts from illusions. Once I would be in a position to separate facts from non-facts, then I would be able to always make best decisions. Moreover, I need to develop scientific analytical skills that would enable me to be making accurate decisions that are based on the scientific facts and evidence. This kind of skills would be significant in my career and at my place of my work some I normally face some hard situations that need scientific analat9calk skills those that to arrive at a decision that is accurate (Adair, 2013). Moreover, I also need to learn more interpersonal skills to equip me with socialization and leadership skills. Interpersonal skills would help me interact with my fellow workers well.



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