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Essay on Brand and Product Management Scenario Analysis

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The chosen brand is Gain products from Proctor and Gamble Company Limited. Gain is a brand of laundry detergent that is used to clean various parts of the house and locations that need to have dirt removed. The product has been in existence for over a decade now and it gained popularity due to the competitive advantage that it bears.

This brand is marketed in different countries by using a customized approach. This approach has been found to be the most appropriate having in mind that the market has varying characteristics. Some of the markets for the product are the United States, Latin America, Morocco, Vietnam, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia and Israel. One of the reasons as to why the brand is marketed using a customized strategy is the fact that leads to an increased revenue when it comes to the market share. Most of the markets are new and unique, and that means they need a distinctive approach when it comes to the marketing of the brand. The kind of advertisements used in marketing have characteristics that are similar the culture of the people.

The other reason for using a customized approach is the fact that it bears responsive aspects especially in desires of the local markets and the contexts in which they operate. Gain is a laundry detergent that many like to use due to the pleasant scent that I has. Procter and Gamble has been able to manufacture a variety of scents which come along with the Gain detergent, The difference in scents is a marketing strategy that is used to fulfil the desires of the local market. In each market, there are people who enjoy feeling particular scents and that means the brand is there to serve all of them.

The Gain detergent brand has gained success globally, and it is because it is in line with the ten commandments of global branding. For instance, the first commandment states that one should focus on target markets (Mitchell, 2007). The brand mainly ensures that the needs of the target markets are met regarding demand and supply. The second one is that a brand should not covet another's brand. Gain detergent has a scent and advertisement system which is not the same as any other in the market. The adverts are done using Wand Sykes which is one of the best scent matchmakers in the world. The brand does not use any silly prefixes as the commandment states, and that is the reason why it does not have an I' or e' prefix.

The brand name does not use background noises such as "soft" or "global" and that has made it succeed due to its uniqueness. The brand also follows all the rules of grammar in that the first letters of the brand name, "Gain" is in capital letters. Also, the brand does not make use of any harmful connotations which are in a sexual or religious context. Gain is a brand which is easy to spell and therefore it is memorable. In that case, people have been able to gain an internal understanding of what it entails. The last commandment is on testing of the brand before it is deployed (Mitchell, 2007). This takes place when it comes up with a new product and launches after the target market appreciates it.

Gain detergent as a brand has been undergoing changes that cut across the social, demographic and ethical platforms. For instance, the society has turned out to be more friendly and severe on issues about finances. In that case, the brand keeps on updating the kind of advertisements that it does. In the year 2011, it came up with promotion that was dabbed, I Use Gain and I smell Like a Million Bucks. This was a way of supporting people financially so as to improve their social status.

The demographic aspects have also changed, and the brand has been able to come up with Mr. Clean which is still a detergent that depicts a gender of the people who use them. In ethics, the brand has evolved to be in line with the advertisements that coincide with the societal norms. For instance, it uses adverts that need people to behave according to the laws that have been set when it comes to the use of both powdered and liquid detergents in the society.


Mitchell, A. (2007). Ten Commandments of Branding. The Essential Guide for CRM System Purchasers.

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