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Essay Example: Seasons of Winter and Summer

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A season refers to a time of the year that is identified by special climatic conditions. A season can occur naturally or can be artificial. Four main seasons are summer, spring, winter, and fall. This essay mainly compares and contrasts the seasons of winter and summer concerning their weather patterns, the period that they occur yearly and how the two seasons affect the lifestyle of the people.

Winter normally occur from 21st or 22nd December in the Northern Hemisphere. This period is referred to as the winter solstice and this day tends to have the shortest daylight. On the other hand summer usually starts on 20th or 21st June of every year. This period is usually referred to as summer solstice. This period usually has the most daylight as compared to other periods that occur in the year. The nights of summer tend to be short. The southern and northern hemisphere periods tend to occur at different times. In the Southern Hemisphere winter in the usually occur in June date 20 or 21st.In the southern hemisphere summer solstice period usually, have the longest days as compared to others whereby it happens on 21st or 22nd December. The countries that are located near the equator typically have summer seasons that are severe and lasts for an extended period (Vivaldi, Grillo, Bach, Busoni, & Rachmaninoff, 2017, p. 25).

The seasons occur because of the tilting of the earth on its axis and is usually relative to the orbital plane which causes temperature variance since most of the objects that are found in the solar system typically orbit the sun. In June the summer period tends to have temperatures since thats the period where the Northern Hemisphere usually tilt towards the sun, and hence the sun rays tend to hit it for more hours than in winter since the sun rays do not directly hit it. In December the Northern Hemisphere usually tilt away from the sun rays resulting in the fewer hours of the daylight. The summer period is considered to be the warmest season in a year as compared to the others. Winter usually have low temperatures which result in cold weather, and also the daylight is very little (Australian, 2013, p. 17).

The two seasons usually have an impact on the lifestyle of the people and the activities that take place. Since summer is hot, people consume water and other drinks in large quantities and are always in search of the shades and wear light clothes since the sun rays tend to be extremely hot. On the other hand, during the winter season, people usually wear clothes that are warm and take hot drinks such as coffee and tea. The two seasons also affects the farming activities that are carried out in a country. During the winter season of most of the fruits that are planted are the dry fruits. In summer most of the farming activities tend to be at a standstill since the weather usually is hot, and most of the crops usually dry up. Most of the popular crops that are grown in summer are the traditional summer crops like corn, cucumbers, peppers and melons (Arya, 2000, p. 20).

In conclusion, seasons occur during different periods within a year. The seasons usually mark the changes in the weather conditions and the daylight hours as well as nights. Different seasons receive the different intensity of the sun rays. Summer is the season of the year that is the hottest while the coldest season of the year is winter.


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