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Essay Example: Science Fiction Analysis

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Selected Paragraph: Paragraph 31 of page 101

On recognizing our visitors for what they were, simple-minded males, Geble were chagrined at them for taking up her time, but they were strangers to our land and we Golans are always courteous. Geble began, of course, to try to communicate by thought transference, but strangely enough, the fellow's bellow did not catch a single thought. Instead, entirely unaware of Gebles overture to friendship, the leader commenced speaking to her most outlandishly, controlling the red lips of his mouth into various uncouth shapes and making sounds that fell upon our hearing so unpleasantly that we immediately closed our senses to them. And without a word Geble turned her back upon them, calling for Tanka, her secretary."

Notably, the story illustrates the invasion of the female aliens, who were ruling a place known as Gola. Gola was under the rule of a woman called Geble. Interference is pitted and not welcomed by the inhabitants of Gola known as the Golans. Moreover, the story goes further about the male writers who wanted to dominion women who were tamed by the brutally powerful male protagonist. The story illustrates and addresses how these women were not easily seduced by these men so that they could surrender power to them (Evens, 2010).

The paragraph above tends to address how the male invaders came to Gola, and the visitors were welcomed as it was a custom of the people of Golan (Evans, 2010). The visitors liked the placed, and they continued surveying the beautiful scenes around, however, little did they know that the women were not readily seduced. In addition to this, Geble, the female ruler of the people of Gola, was a much-respected woman. Once the visitors came closer, she came out to approach them to know about unexpected visit. It seems the intention of the visitors were entirely different from the plan that the inhabitants of Golan expected, the drama is yet to unfold itself.

The intention of the strangers was not apparent at first, and everyone was left in dismay. Undeniably, the physical appearance of the men left the Golans with many questions more than answers as this person were entirely different from them(Evans, 2010). It is quite impressive that this was the mode of communication between the Detexalans and the Golans. No verbal communication existed in the first instance. Since somehow the language barrier existed between the visitors and the leaders of the Golan tried as much to communicate with transference, but the visitors could not see any sense in her communication (Evans, 2010). On the other hand, the strangers being unaware of the manner in which the Geble was trying to speak, they looked down upon Geble and the entire people of Golan as a whole and begun unpleasantly speaking to Geble. The phrase attempts to address how the strangers have come from nowhere and want to try to be superior to the original habitats of Geble. They have already started undermining them at the first instance.

Ideally, the scenario above is unpleasant, and in response, Gebles walks away without saying any word. The four men were from detaxalans. Even though the public humiliation of the visitors on Geble, she further instructed her secretary to welcome them. Geble continued with her usual activities like discussing the problems facing the Golans since she saw on her view that the Detaxalans were not good creatures (Evans, 2010).

The four men did not just come to see the beautiful scenes of Gola but wanted to meet the ruling leader of Gola at that time. The secretary apparently knew their intentions and their efforts to meet the Geble was in vain, and In the long run, they gave up and went back to their home city. The Detexalans intention was to conquer Golan, but they found it rough than they expected (Evans, 2010).

The thematic concern is addressed on the phrase, the woman that is Geble, was not easily seduced by the four men, who were strangers whose intention were already known by the Golans. It is in line with the story which addresses how the women were not easily seduced by men to render power. Although this came to pass, it was after a lot of strangling and endurance with the detexalans and also after looking into` various considerations of the people of Gola.



Evans, A. B., & Wesleyan University (Middletown, Conn.). (2010). The Wesleyan anthology of science fiction. Middletown, Conn: Wesleyan University Press


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