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Themes, Motifs, and Symbols in The Great Gatsby - A Literary Essay Example

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Is the American Dream achievable? Is it a mere fantasy or is it realistic? The Great Gatsby is a story that revolves around three main characters who are from different societal classes. Gatz is a young and a low income boy who depends on his farm for his livelihood, he tries to live his life like Gatsby, whom he takes over his girlfriend Daisy. The story outline is by Nick who is a cousin to Daisy. They all engage in a love triangle that I the long run turns out to be soaring. The three individuals come from different classes, and therefore, the class is one of the main themes in this story. The author, Fitzgerald, demonstrates how societal and ethical decadence characterizes the 1920s era; evidently, there is predominant distrust, an empty search of preference and insatiability. There are lavish celebrations that take place every single Saturday nocturnal that ultimately results in the venality of the American Delusion, uninhibited yearning for wealth and inclination surpasses all the noble goals.

Wealth and Materialism

In the course of this level, we find all characters are in the obsession with acquiring wealth and money to make a mark in the society. Our three main characters are all money-minded; Daisy and Nick were born in wealthy families while Gatsby acquired his fortune through handwork. All characters are in quest of improving their living standards without considering the legitimacy f the activities that they engage in as long as they acquire their ultimate wealth. Based on the materialism theme, the author discusses the different forms of money is available. A clear distinction between old money which is money that is from inheritance; the money was inherited from the parents while the new money was used to illustrate money from gainful activities. Another distinction that is on the different classes of people, there is the wealthy class that lives on the Long Island, and we have the working class that falls in between the two. As we conclude this novel, we realize that we realize that all the new money characters are already dead. The characters influence the level outcome differently.

The American Dream holds on to the notion that everyone is capable of succeeding n in life through determination and hard work. We are left to decide on what to believe, whether Gatsby involvement in crime suggests that the dream is not valid is the reader. The Wilsons are seen to struggle to make it, but they continue to lavish in abject poverty, he doesnt make it alive as we terminate our novel, at some point the vision he sees it as fantasy. All the characters revolve around love and desire. However, the only union that lasts is that of Tom and Daisy out of the five relationships indicated in the novel, he has to answer the question of whether there is a stable force that drives love inherently. The novel is characterized by a sad reflective and mournful environment. Nick gives his narration on Gatsby two years after outlined events. Gatsby is posed with great danger as he intensely strives to reclaim what he has lost in the past.

The novel is full of unfriendly behavior; there is a lot of falsification, abuse on the physical person and crime that finally results in death. There is no exercise of law indicated, and even the only instance that the mention of the name of God is an exclamation to put the emphasis. However, the novel does not show correction of the morality issues that are facing it. In the novel we find that there are some characters are very rigid to change, they carry their past lives with them. Gatsby is not able to change his sophisticated life. In the setting of this novel, we find education being paramount for one to fit in the society where the elites lived. All the characters have gone through formal education; this is by their modes of communications and the quality of the dialogue that they engage. However, though Gatsby is educated just like the others, we find him struggling to sound like his comrades. It is apparent that he will have to practice talking to a rich guy, he doesnt sound like one. There is an indication that even though a working class is educated and working, he is still associated with a crime. It is clear that only the working class is capable of committing a crime despite their financial background, their education levels or how powerful they are in the society. The old money class is considered to be exceptional, and that enjoys immunity of covering their crimes by use of the working class.


In the 1920s, the Americans in universal, unrewardingly in quest of a long-gone period where their hallucinations had significance, Gatsby yearn to redevise a wiped out past during his time in Louisville with Daisy. However, he is unable to accomplish his desire and quest. When his vision and purpose powders. As the novel concludes, Gatsby passes on, and Nick organizes for a brief funeral ceremony. He also terminates the relationship he had with Jordan and decided to go back to Midwest to escape the disgust and hatred that he feels for the people that encircle Gatsbys entire life and the vagueness and moral decadence leads the people from the wealthy class along the East Coast of New York. Nick believes that everything can be corrupted just like the vision Gatsby had on spending his life with Daisy, his financial stability thwarted his relationship, all that matters to the individuals is how they can pursue wealth. In the end, we find that the realization of the American Dream remains to be a hallucination as well as Gatsby dream.



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