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Essay Example on Technology Diffusion in Nigeria

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Technology has led to information revolution and the concept of globalization. The speed at which information and knowledge are spreading has had direct effects on the social, cultural, economic and political activities of Nigeria and all the other regions of the world. Technology has threatened Nigerias manufacturing traditional to deliver jobs productivity for the unskilled Nigerians workers. There has been notable widening inequality not only within Nigeria, but also across nations which has raised questions about the importance, effectiveness, and efficiency of technological inventions. In Nigeria just as in other global regions, the effects of technology are the reasons for the widening gap between the rich and developing countries (Igun, 2005). Digital slavery is evident in Nigeria and other African countries that have failed to embrace technology. It is of great significance for Nigeria to be aware of the benefits of technology as well as the implications and consequences of not taking advantage of the benefits and opportunities it present.

Technology diffusion in Nigeria is at a snails speed compared to developed nations. As a result, the gap between Nigeria and the information-rich nations that have highly integrated technology in their economies has widened (Apulu & Latham, 2010). Consequently, Nigeria has not been able to leap the opportunities and abundant benefits of technology, globalization and the global information society in economic areas such as commerce, education, agriculture, health, rural development among others.

Currently, Anwulia and other Nigerians have been denied those benefits and opportunities. They are therefore poor because of increased competition from the developed world and economies that have integrated technology. Lack of globalization or too little of it has made Nigeria and other African countries poor. Anwulia and other Nigerians have suffered in a variety of ways from lack of management of the challenges and opportunities presented by technology and globalization (Asian, 2007). Some Nigerians have lost their jobs, the society has continued to disintegrate, and the national identity continues to be threatened.

The major aspect of technology that should concern Nigeria and other developing countries is the fact that it causes unprecedented inequalities in sharing the benefits and opportunities among the developed and the developing nations. At the moment, globalization is not a new phenomenon as history records that similar trends occurred in both the 19th century and early 20th century (Igun, 2005). However, today, the magnitude and intensity of these inequalities generated by technology are dynamic and different compared to the past.



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