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Essay Example: Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana

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On what grounds should something useful be banned in any place in the world? This remains the central question when it comes to the legalization of medicinal marijuana which has been found to be very helpful in the community today (Ferguson, 2014). The medicinal marijuana has been found to help a client and also their family from suffering, and better the palliative care for the end period of a disease. Most of the professionals in the health sector have recently been moving a motion that Marijuana has a medicinal value in that it helps in the curbing of intense pain which in many patients could have brought about adverse effects on their health (Ferguson, 2014). Despite, the officer offering a theoretical evidence to support their claim further studies have been conducted on the issue resulting in the verification of the application to be true. This has led to marijuana being considered as a compassionate assistance for the patients who are extremely ill as well as the older adults in the society. Therefore, this paper argues that the medicinal marijuana should be accepted or permitted or legalized in the community so that every person can enjoy its right side. The article will offer reasons on why it should be legalized and back it with substantial evidence.

First, Marijuana should be legalized because it is safer than Tobacco and Alcohol. Despite, the hundreds of people who are losing lives because of their habitual intake of misuse of alcohol and tobacco they are still legalized while the less harmful marijuana is yet to be permitted. Tobacco usage has always been known to result in problems with breathing while the use of alcohol results in Liver Cirrhosis which is a fatal disease that is consuming the lives of the people (Campbell, 2017). Moreover, they result in many illnesses as well as injuries which the society spends a lot of money taking care of, they also lower the productivity of the people, and they result in people engaging in deviant practices where they force the government to spend vast sums of money in mitigating its impacts. On the other hand, marijuana has no toxicity and has never resulted in most death as compared to the case of Marijuana. The only adverse effect of the abuse of Marijuana is that it results in one being incarcerated, and dealing with lifelong issues that have been created by illegalizing use of the drug. Therefore, it can be said that it is the legal system that is afraid of legalizing the third drug into the menu as if the Cannabis is not well-known by the American people as well as people from other parts of the world. Therefore, there is a need for a change of the intention and focus on the right side which will ultimately result in the bill makers changing their minds and legalizing the substance for people to use.

Secondly, the prohibition of the Marijuana is tremendous and a costly failure. For instance, the eighty years old Marijuana Tax Act, which was staged to suppress the smoking of bhang by the people (Hickenlooper, 2014). The number of people being tried for the use of marijuana is rising, and this inflicts the pain on the taxpayers. This is because it costs a lot of money to prosecute the abusers and also to support them while in jail. The money is directed towards helping the convicted marijuana abusers could have been used in improving other sectors of the economy. In recent years, some states in the countries dared to taste the fruits of legalizing the use of Marijuana by its people which resulted in a fall in the levels of offenses, a reduction in the marijuana arrests, and the growing use of the drug has not budged at all (Monte, 2015). Moreover, the prohibition of Marijuana is just another way of increasing the incomes for the cartels, terrorists, as well as the gangs in the nation. For instance, if the drug were accepted to be suitable for use then there would be no need for the drug dealers to sell it to the people which will in turn cut on their incomes and thus make them fail to support their activities which in the long run would result in them quitting (Hickenlooper, 2014). The only way the government offers support to this crews is through the prohibition of the drug which makes the price for the substance to be high and the market base for the product to be extremely high. Therefore, the substance should be permitted and let the illegal drug traffickers suffer the consequences instead of the innocent marijuana abusers.

The prohibition of the drug has been found to hurt most of the youths and the minority races the most in the country. This will just refuel the old racism times during the Jim Crow regime where most of the African Americans have been imprisoned for the abuse of the substance as compared to any other races (Monte, 2015). This has also resulted in the police basing their patrols on the blocks in which the minority reside, which in turn result in the minor races revolting against it and thus creating a tough time or a civil war that will cost the nation a lot of money to combat. Despite the fact that legalization wont directly help in turning around the racist's police officers, it will offer them an opportunity to be agents who will be fighting against racism which has always been known to bring about adverse impacts to our societies today.

The substance must be legalized because it has been found to be a safe therapeutic supplement. Despite the fact that it is the medical professionals who prescribe or recommend the drug to patients a large number of people end up behind bars for just tasting the life-saving substance. Moreover, it is the only cheap therapeutic drug that can be afforded by most people, especially the poor which helps in keeping the cost of medication (Hall, 2017). Therefore, it would be wrong if all the people would be jailed for just being told by a health expert that if they used marijuana their life would be better. Furthermore, the substance has to be legalized since it replaces the poisonous, addictive substances that the health institutions were offering such as the Opioids (Monte, 2015). The opioids have resulted in the death of more people while the opposite is true. Marijuana has to be legalized as the poor people who cannot save their lives by getting access to the expensive substance can stand a chance of living a longer life through the use of Marijuana. The fact that marijuana is less toxic than some of the recommended drugs makes it be the perfect substance for use by the people.



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