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Essay Example: Foreign Students Studying in the US

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Studying abroad is one of the best opportunities that students always get. However, for any student to be accepted in another country such as the US, he/she should be aware of the natives of that country. He/she should also be watchful of the backgrounds one comes from, hence whenever given such a chance, it is good to take note of to the host rules and regulations as well as being keen on learning the roots of the host country. In some countries, the natives are aware of the country of the new students and tend to act based on their knowledge of the country or what they think they know about that country (Wu, Garza & Guzman, 2015).

Many students especially those from the Middle East find it hard studying in the US due to their understanding of their audience. The Americans normally see the Middle East as a region manifested by vast terrorist activities and dictatorship. Many of the American students see the Middle East inhabitants as people who are subjects to their leaders and lack democracy as well as national self-determination. As of such, they are obliged to conform to the dictates of their culture and the leadership in place. The American culture and policies are also against the Middle East as they refer to it as one full of oppression and brutality.

The media has played a role in influencing the Americans in the Middle East. The political environment in the region is seen mostly like that of fear and conflict. This has affected most of the Americans perceptions and views on the Middle East. The media airs out the region as a hotbed of civil war. This has been the cause of misconceptions on all the inhabitants that comes from the region. It is a region full of radicalism and does not uphold the rights and freedoms of its citizens forcing them to take matters into their likings.

The Middle East which is mainly Islamic brings in another value that the Americans feel insecure. Since most of the wars that the Middle East indulge in is normally associated with their religion, this scares them. Many of them associate the teachings of the Islamic religion as one which is violence based. Also, the Sharia law that governs them brings discomfort to the Americans. Such laws like cutting thieves hands, capital punishment and stoning are seen as extremists.

In America, an individual is the central peak of social being while in the Middle East, social class and family background determine one's social being. Therefore their social being is controlled by their families instead of individual collectivity (Rupp, 2009). As a student, one has to be cautious not to offend the natives of the host country. The beliefs and values that one subscribes should not in any way interfere with the livelihood of the Americans. Some of the beliefs they have in the Middle East are in contrast to the reality. As a student from the Middle East, it is good to note them and clarify the truth about their misconceptions (Lin & Scherz, 2014).

Even though the region is termed to be vested with terrorism, not everyone gets involved. The Americans believe in terror oriented people of the Middle East is an illusion. Majority of the people undergo very serious situations due to these terrorist and many are left homeless and live at the mercies of others. Being a student means that you can recognize what is wrong and right and familiarize with people of different diversities. Coming from a war zone gives you the firsthand outlook of what war brings to people and the country at large. Furthermore, terrorism affects all both internally and externally. Consequently, it is unjust for Americans to perceive all the Middle East inhabitants as terrorists especially students (Davie, 2013).

Every nation has its own way of dealing with its people whenever they commit crimes. Thus, the laws by which they abide by should not affect one to pursue a career since they come from radical backgrounds. Therefore the extremist should be allowed to use their law as long as they also adhere to other forms of law from other countries. As a student from that region, they need to be aware of the laws that govern the host country and their understanding of the natives norms.

The media should as well take note of regions that are peaceful and uphold the values of humanity. The Middle East is not all vested in terrorism and dictatorship since people are allowed to vote hence democracy is taken into account. The view being inflicted on the Americans is not the happenings of the entire region. Moreover, the media should also bring forth the good side of the region and encourage upholding of all cultures from all diversities (Moloney-Egnatios et al. 2014).

In conclusion being a student in a foreign country requires one to be prudent on the whereabouts of the host country. As a student, especially in the USA one, is required to be cautious of where he/she comes from. Particularly coming from the Middle East a region known for its terrorist involvement has the natives enshrined in a variety of misconceptions. Everyone is worried and unsure of its inhabitants. None the less not all people are terrorists.



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