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Essay Example: Character Analysis on Kima Gregs

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Society norms often dictate the kind of roles men and women are expected to play in the society (Ricci 5). In the event either of the genders does not conform to the highlighted roles, they are treated as outskirts in the community. Moreover, it is interesting to note that todays society may be open to allow the organization to have heterosexual couples but they are still being treated with a lot of speculation. The ideology of sexism has been a hot topic, especially in many government offices. There are sections of the government like the police department and military departments that are considered to be male-dominated. With the male gender being given the freedom to operate in these units, the males who join are recognized as lost. The female parties not only are expected to fulfill their mandated tasks but with time they also gain the negative attributes of the male. Kimas character is a representation of an actual woman life experience, in the current society where the women have reestablished their voices and gone into male-dominated fields, it is impressive on how the same women are forced to deal with endless cultural norms in the society.

In the Wire, the women are woefully underrepresented as the most of the Wire can be regarded as a boys club. Therefore, the women are forced to play within the male set roles. However, Kima comes out as a strong female character who defiles the odd and is able not only to adapt to the male-dominated club in the play but also able to thrive. Throughout the series, she is described as the most complex characters were like her male counterparts, she is capable of separating her real life with her work. With Kima integration with her male counterparts, it has not only resulted to him being competent to perform to perform adequately as a male, but she is also influenced by negative male character where she starts to club in the night and is tempted to infidelity just like her male friends despite having a family at home. The social constructions at home have allowed the men to live a fun filled life and the women are expected to be housewives who attend to their husbands needs very fast. Therefore, by Kima living the nightlife with her friends in the club she is allowed to live the life like the male counterparts, but when she is tempted to be unfaithful she is heavily criticized by the rest of her friends yet for the male in the event they behaved so they would not be criticized. Evidently, this is a norm in the society where the female is expected to fill certain kind of professions while the male supplies other businesses.

Historically with the women who are assigned some specific roles have always been expected to follow the rules without questioning the authority (Ricci 10). Therefore, this has continued to produce women in the society who can describe to be fragile and do not examine the authority figures. However, this is a different case in the play, Kima is defined to be assertive and questions the authority where need. This has resulted in her commanding in the police force where she is treated as a critical person in the academy. She has not only commanded respect among her peers in the society but has successfully altered the women legacy in the play. In place of the women just being considered to be weak and homemakers by the community, they can be recognized to be critical players in the society who can potentially earn a leaving without necessary being depending on the man she or he is married to. Moreover, Kima has displayed women can make mistakes just like their male counterparts; they are not seamless and perfect creates who are expected to have accurate records. As illustrated in the play Kima upon partying with the boys many nights has resulted in her being tempted to commit adultery yet she has a fantastic wife at home. Critiques can be raised that men are such bad influences in the society morals they have the liberty to perform some of the immoral acts in the society. There is no one to point a finger and blame them, but in the event, the women act just like the men, they are critically hashed and condemned of their immoral acts.

Gender in the play is constructed in a neat web that illustrates unique ways that have been displayed in a stereotypical gender role. Kima is a single character who is noted to defile the traditional norms. Being a lesbian, her gender roles have been displayed to defiles feminity and has gone against the conventional ways of women who are expected to be weak, powerless and passive. The society has an interesting way of characterizing women and planning all the women in the community to follow suit. Thus a woman who goes against the cultural norms of women is regarded to be off rails and therefore has to struggle to claim her new place in the society. This is not different for Kima, she is very particular about her intents, and thus she has to fight her position in the community. She works in a male-dominated industry to earn her living, and due to her masculine nature, she also develops a male personality which allows her to interact with the members of the society in a more settled way. The fact that she is a lesbian explains why she acts as a male but looks like a woman. In the old days, women who were lesbians did not have the guts to come out of the closet and state their sexuality as many were not bold enough to showcase their masculinity nature. However, on the contrast, todays lesbians are noted to come out of the closet from a younger age, this allows them to build their personality from an early age. Moreover, the society has stopped treating the women especially those who are lesbians to be cursed and weak to accept their gender but have viewed them as ladies who can identify what they want with ease and no contradiction. Many of the women in the society who are lesbian have been noted to be treated differently in the community by their employers; this is segregation. of persons who have a different sexual preference which should not be the case in the current society. It is critical for the community to offer fair treatment, especially in workplaces to ensure there is appropriate treatment at work.

Her relationship with Cheryl normalizes Kima relationship. In the contact, Cheryl is the softer and more feminine partner in contrast to Kima who as earlier noted displays masculine characteristics with a lot of ease. Therefore, Kima in the relationship is indicated to act as the male. In the heterosexual relationship. Thus in the ties, Cheryl resembles the woman, and it is easier for the Kima to fit in the relationship as the authoritative figure. Moreover, Kima having been in the police force a field that is dominated by the male it is interesting to think of how far Kimas conformity takes her all her life to ensure she is featured as the only female detective in the precinct. However, its noted from other scenes that Kima is displayed to be ladylike who demonstrates good looks, thoughtful and has a friendly smile. Indeed plays are the best ways to spread the awareness of gender differences and variation in the sexual orientations in the society. During the game, Kima chooses to demonstrate the male character. However, it is critical to note that despite Kimas decision to being that of complex nature is still does not offer the solution that is inexistent in todays world where the women or femininity are considered to defect and seems to be getting the short end of the stick.

Due to her sexuality of being a lesbian, it is interesting to note that she feels normalized in her department and she has no problem to interact with her male counterparts at work. Moreover, the men do not exclude her because she is a woman, but instead, she is portrayed to be the traditional male role. In her department, she commands a lot of respect from her colleges as she not only does the work she is expected to do but also goes a notch higher and ensures the assignments. Strong women are still in existence today in the society, but many of those who operate in male-dominated fields tend to not treat their fellow female as equals which often translates to a lot of bad blood among the ladies (Al Alhareth, Yahya, Yasra Al Alhareth, and Ibtisam Al Dighrir 123). Therefore, it is critical for the woman to ensure they hold their fellow females in high regards in all their workstations. Kimas life is exciting and a perfect illustration of a lesbian who is trying to make it in the male-dominated field but is forced to overcome some severe challenges in her life. Women today have different problems they are expected to face and conquer with or without the help of a male.

In summary, Kimas character in the play offers the audience an exciting twist of life of a lesbian who makes it in a male-dominated society. The society many are full of norms where the females are expected to be weak and vulnerable, but she demonstrates a character of power and assertiveness. However, Kima is not immune to the moral issues that affect many of the men who hung out together. At some point in her party life, she is tempted to be unfaithful which triggers another tale where her mistakes are highlighted as opposed if a male college made the same error. Kimas life being a policewoman is not only tricky given she has to establish her ground in the community, but also she has to deal with the fact that she is a lesbian in a society one which is controlled by norms that offer stringent rules on the kind of relationships expected in the society from the two genders.

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