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Essay and Articles Review on How Saudi Arabia Is Facing Globalization Issues

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Article review
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In this article, the researcher speaks about a lot of climate change issues concerning global warming, greenhouse effect, and pollution and natural factor as contributors to climate change. The author argues that the Earth had warmed by roughly 2 degrees Fahrenheit in 2017 alone. Additionally, he reported that the carbon dioxide that is trapped thereby causing the greenhouse effect has increased by a total of 45% as more than the pre-industrial levels, and this has also contributed to the earth's warming.

Article: Fast Foods Immediate Damage to Your Health



In this paper, Kirkpatrick (2012) reported that fast food significantly impacts global as the percentage of obese peoples increase. With more people focusing on conveniences and taste, many people are compromising on their health. The fact that fast foods offer a wide range of options in their menu means more conveniences to the people. However, many people understand that the fast foods impact their health but still ignore the warning, and the ignorance of these consumers is the drives of the fast food industry's growth. She recommends that families should redefine their idea of fast foods.

Article 3: Has technology changed the cultural taste?



Kutchinsky (2017) reported that the internet is one of the key factors that have compromised cultures globally. With more one society, and the internet has increasingly permeated the lives of people all around the world cultures are changing, and the pop culture has become more of a global culture because most of these are learned over the internet. Religion is no longer the main source of values, and traditional values are abandoned for the pop culture. The researcher reports that the youths are disenfranchised so they do not like the mainstream media outlets but prefers media on demand such as internet where they can download or watch anything anytime they need. They can download or watch pornographic materials, read controversial articles online, copy behaviors, dressing styles, and pop cultures they see over the internet especially those in the entertainment magazines.

Describe how Saudi Arabia (or Jeddah) is facing this globalization issue.

Fast foods and health

While fast food delivery one so the strangest new fast in Saudi Arabia, the country is still adjusting to the emergence of more fast foods franchises such as McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Hardees. More franchises are coming up in major towns in the country, but the country has strict sharia laws for food consumption during Ramadan. The country has also called for stricter fast food rules aimed at combating the obesity problem in the country. The scientific, educational committee of the Saudi Arabian diabetes and endocrine association (SDEA) has asked the government to put in place a policy for the inclusion of calorie counts on the fast food meals packages.

Climate change

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the main countries that initially ratified the UNFCC in the year 1994. The country also actively participates in the development and ratification of the Kyoto protocol. Currently, the country is among the leaders that have joined the carbon sequestration and leadership forums. The country has often spearheaded environmentally friendly projects despite being the leading oil producers in the world. The country is also involved in several carbon culture and storage activities and supporting clean, developing mechanism workshops aimed at reducing its carbon footprint.

Internet issues

The impact of the new media on the culture has been profound over the last decade. Even though Saudi Arabia argue that they support globalization on an economic level, there is significant evidence that globalization has impacted the countrys culture and political organization both positively and negatively. To avert the influence of globalization, the country does not only leverage the strong Islamic doctrines that abhor sexual promiscuity, online gambling, alcohol importation and internet pornography. The county has in place sharia laws that call for strict adherence and strong punishment to those that break the sharia laws' their government has strict strategies that involved eliminating pages from international magazines that have contents considered undesirable.

Examine at least one solution suitable for Saudi Arabia

Globalization is the force that no country can stop and the only way that any country can benefit from globalization is by putting in place structures that allow the country to leverage the benefits of globalization while at the same time moderating the impact of globalization. A country such as Saudi Arabia should focus on improving their comparative advantage, and take advantage of the opportunities brought about by globalization to grow. Saudi Arabia should develop laws and policies that promote economic integration because they only produce oil and need the global market for their oil. Instead of resisting change, the country should educate its people on how to handle issues such as fast food and obesity problems, oil production and climate change problem as well as internet consumption and cultural erosion. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia should invest in research and development into innovative technologies and strategies that can be used to reduce its carbon footprint. Educating the people on how to play an active role in their health by moderating their consumption of fast foods would be more effective than imposing bans and sharia laws on the fast foods. Finally, internet censuring cannot be effective as compared to mass education. People should be educated none how to make their own decision around the internet of things and more specifically the consumption of "undesired" media.



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