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Indian Versus American Food - Paper Example

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India and America are two nations with completely different cultures. The nations are different in aspects such as beliefs, language, clothing, religion, rituals, and food. The food aspects determine the food types, the methods of preparation and consumption and the reasons behind it. The following work will help establish the differences and similarities that exist between the Indian and American food.

The staple food in the two nations is different. In America, meat, bread, and vegetables are highly consumed; the most consumed meats are beacon, ham and meat. Rice is taken at minimal rates. In India, more than 60 % of the population takes the vegetable rich diet. The less people who take meat mix it with excess rice, roti, and vegetables. In India, most animals are used as their gods which explains the reason why most people are vegetarians. Their religious beliefs do not allow consumption of their gods. In America, it is a diverse society which is not held back by any religious beliefs, and they do not have specific gods who are in the image of animals. They thus consume a wide range of meat from animals such as cows, goats, and pig (Khandelwal, 2002). In India, food is mostly homemade while in America, most food is processed. India believes in making their food at home where they can eat together as a family, as most families live together. In America, most people live alone and considering that they take several jobs to maintain the high lifestyle in the nation, they get home tired, and there is no time to make the home cooked food. They thus opt for the takeout or the processed food. Most foods in America have been canned, even the fruits and an American will only buy and consume without having to go through the preparation process. It is this reason which explains why chapattis are more popular in India than America since they take longer to be prepared.

The Indian food is very diverse, unlike the American. Most foods in America are made from wheat flour and meat, and they are then processed to ensure that they will last for a long time. Indians, on the other hand, ensure that they use several ingredients in their food. The cooking techniques also vary to ensure that the tastes of the food are different and to move along with the beliefs of these people. The food preparation styles are different and range from the type of foods being prepared. The spices are different, for example, curry is the most preferred spice since it worked well with almost all food types. In America, it is very rare for spices to be used. Spices are known to make the food get destroyed very fast, yet in America, food has to be preserved, and anything that will cause destruction cannot be used in the foods. In India, on the other hand, food is prepared for one meal and no left over. Therefore, despite the spices used in the Indian food, they will not rot since they will be taken immediately (Khandelwal, 2002).

The ways the foods are consumed are also different in the two nations. India is founded on family beliefs where they share everything they have. They believe in sharing their meals as a way of showing how united they are. in America, the lifestyle is different, and work is the basis of everything. It is even rare for a family to have time to sit together for a meal. The parents are mostly busy with their work, and the children are required to order food from a joint and take it. The parents also eat before they come home and thus most meals are not shared in America.

Despite all these differences, both America and India are aware of the importance of consumption of a healthy diet. The American food may be considered for low-quality since canning and processing interfere with the nutritional value. The Indian food is more nutritious since they use farm spices which are not processed but got directly from the farm. The Indians belief in making their own food since it is part of the culture and not ordering processed food for their meals. In India, most women stay at home and take care of the family members, and they are supposed to ensure that their families are taking a homemade diet despite how long it will take (Khandelwal, 2002). Most Americans take junk food, which is very rare in India. There are fast food joints everywhere in America, ready to provide any fast food these people require. The balanced diet in America is achieved through taking different diets and small amounts of vegetables.

In conclusion, America and India are very different nations. India is more cultural and religious while America is a diverse nation. The diversity in America supports work and people have no time to prepare their food. India, on the other hand, is based on the family ties and food is prepared and taken by the entire family together.


Khandelwal, M. S. (2002). Becoming American, being Indian: An immigrant community in New York City. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.

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