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Comparison Between Caesarean Section and Normal Birth Delivery - Essay Sample

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In essence, the rate of cesarean section has increased for the last couple of decades across the globe thanks to the advanced technology in the healthcare system. Pregnant women can deliver in several ways such as through vaginal delivery, Caesarean Section (CS) delivery, vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery, obstetrical delivery, vaginal birth delivery with a history of CS. However, the goal is to give birth safely to a healthy child. This paper proposes to discuss the two main methods ways of delivering a child that is, normal delivery and Caesarean Section.

Reasons to Give Birth through CS

Giving birth through CS can take place due to several health issues, for instance, diabetes or high blood pressure, an infection that may complicate risks the health of the child such as HIV or herpes, or problems with the placenta during pregnancy. In addition, some mothers give birth through CS due to some physical body structures, for instance, a small pelvic bone structure in that the baby cannot pass through the vagina, the baby is too big heavier than the usual baby weight where the normal weight is 3.5 kilograms. The baby might keep on turning thus not facing the appropriate direction during birth, this calls in for a CS. At times the labor can be very slow, and delivery is due, this leads to no progression in the baby movement to get out thus CS occurs.

However, the reason for the CS to happen can be as a result of dangers a child might be facing while still in the womb. For instance, the baby's heartbeat or low oxygen level may be due to the umbilical cord surrounding the baby's neck thus unable to breath appropriately calls for emergency operation for proper care to survive, the umbilical cord slips through the cervix before the baby due date, this can cause the umbilical code being squashed thus no oxygen supply for the baby. On the other hand, normal delivery occurs when a pregnant woman does not have any health complications.

Comparison between Normal Delivery and Cesarean Section

There is a big difference between normal delivery and CS each with its pros and cons as discussed below. Normal delivery happens naturally. When the baby is due, it forces itself out of the womb by breaking the amniotic fluid, but Cs is when the birth of the child is planned, and the child is removed by the help of an opening made through the abdominal walls and the uterus.

Normal delivery enables one to stay at the hospital for a shorter period and the healing process is not painful also takes a shorter period to heal, unlike CS where after giving birth one can stay at the hospital for 3-5 days and after birth, the wound takes time before complete healing.

Benefits of Normal Delivery

There have been major benefits of normal delivery in the contemporary society. Although the process of vaginal delivery is long, painful with physical and mentally exhausting destitution, the recovery after giving birth is fast. And unless the baby is bigger than the vagina size, to have the mother stitched, the stitches do not occur.

A mother who gives birth normally does not stay in the hospital for long. The maximum days she can be in the hospital is for two days. This is an advantage as compared to CS since the cost at the hospital is minimal.

Since there are no stitches or tearing left in the uterus of the mother after birth, it is safer to say that normal delivery gives fewer complications in the future while giving birth

Benefits of Cesarean Section

While there have bee various controversies against the CS, it enables couples to plan on when they want to deliver the baby. In most cases, women who give birth through CS are given dates by their doctors on the date they should go deliver.

CS reduces birth trauma to the baby. Unlike normal delivery, CS delivery handles children carefully and welcomes them in a warm manner thus low tendency of trauma

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