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Community-Based Rehabilitation Services

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Sewanee University of the South
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Over 187 United Nations members plus more than 20 international organizations over the years came together to establish one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with an aim of combating HIV/AIDS globally (Raj & Radhakrishnan, 2017). For over 25 years, more than 25million people have died with HIV/AIDS what makes it the major killer disease in the whole world. This study was undertaken with an aim of offering service to HIV victims. The main aim of this study was to determine the community-based rehabilitation services that can improve the living standards of HIV/AIDS victims within Dindigul District (Raj & Radhakrishnan, 2017). The researchers were to analyze some of the rehabilitation services that the government and non-governmental organizations have implemented at the community level for the HIV/AIDS victims. The study was also to investigate the socio-economic condition s of these victims.

This research has focused on various cases involving HIV/AIDS victims and the kind of treatment they received within the society. Before joining this organization, these victims went through a lot of torture as people in the society treated them like an outcast. In most cases, the male victims succumb to death faster living their wives and children behind. Despite all the tribulations they went through, the female victims through counselling once again gained hope in life by accepting to live with the reality. Through CBRS, the women who were HIV/AIDS victims got accepted back by the society as most of them received invites by villagers for various festival celebrations(Raj & Radhakrishnan, 2017). According to the article, the health of the HIV/AIDS who joined the CBRS project improved following the proper treatment they got from the government hospitals as well as the support they received from the CBRS staff.

The researchers also conducted a focused Group discussion where four different groups of people from Dindigul Taluk, Natham Taluk, Vedasandur Taluk and Palani Taluk (Raj & Radhakrishnan, 2017). The FGD was held at a networking centre in Dindigul and both genders were included. Most responded participated in the FGD willingly as they promised to collect as many information as they can.

Currently, research has become vital in the society since it enables learners to get various ideas on how to people think regarding some issues. Research also enables people to understand some things people go through in life in different parts of the world (Facer & Enright, 2017). Current issues and their impacts on the environment can be learned through research work. In this research, they have used focused group discussion as well as case studies what is usually common in the contemporary research.

Research is very significant in decision making within the organization since it enables the management to understand some of the issues that concern the study topic. Research usually focuses on the issues that prompted that study, challenges faced and solutions to those problems (Bolman, & Deal, 2017). Like in the CBRS for HIV/AIDS victims, the study focuses on some of the challenges that HIV positive patients experience in the society and how they can be helped to overcome these challenges (Raj & Radhakrishnan, 2017). Following all the case studies analyzed in this article, the CBRS NGO can use the information got on deciding on the way forward for these victims.

The information will enable the management to have insight on what the HIV/AIDS patients go through in the community hence offer them the support they need for their survival. Based on the research findings, the organization can create awareness to family members of people living with HIV/AIDS to make them more acceptable in the society. From the article, it is clear that most women tend to live long with this infection, unlike men who succumb to death faster. The womens immune system seems to be stronger than that of their male counterparts what will enable the organization to offer guidance and counselling to most couples and encourage them to go for the test (Bolman, & Deal, 2017).

Since I am an Occupational safety and health/environment management student, this research will be very useful in my field. The article talks about health and how ill-health affects our productivity. All workers need to be safe from accidents and all sorts of diseases and managers should ensure that employees are free from anything that put their lives at risks (Ishimaru, Wada, & Smith, 2017). For a productive workforce, they all need to be in good health and to ensure this, the workers should be encouraged to have themselves tested and whoever turns out HIV positive should seek medical help immediately.

HIV/AIDS is a very serious disease that has taken the lives of many people in the world both men and women, the young and the old. Despite all the years that this disease has existed, not everyone is aware of it and stigmatization is still high especially in developing countries. In some communities, HIV patients are still treated like an outcast as many people do not want to associate with them. This topic is essential to people living with HIV/AIDS and is facing discrimination in their communities. By reading this article, they could still have some hopes in life regardless of how others see them. Family members of HIV/AIDS patients can also learn a lot from this article and become very close to their loved ones suffering from this disease by giving them moral support.



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