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Chicano History - Case Study Example

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Case study
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The event described in El Plan de Aztlan" written in May of 1969 after the Denver Conference in was a significant milestone for the Mexican Civil Rights Movement. In attendance at the conference were Mexican youths from all over the United States to give their views and have their opinions published on how they wanted the Mexican people to proceed on with their movement. The text describes how Mexicans envisioned their future concerning education, right to voting and formation of political parties, land grants and restoration of native lands among other things. The publication would be the first time that Mexicans from all over the 50 states of the USA would come together and collate their dreams of the future and write down their demands and expectations. For the Chicano Movement, this would be a very significant basis for their collectiveness and would form a grading point system of progress for the near future in the 1970s.

The publication lists goals without necessarily showing the methodology in achieving them. It would form a reference point for many of the events that would happen later in the same year. The importance of El plan de Aztlan" in the Chicano Movement is often under-appreciated. 1960s America had so many events happening- the Vietnam War, the African American Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther- such that the Mexican Chicano cause is often forgotten.

In the publication, the language is direct and aggressive. Aztlan" is a Utopian paradise for the Mexicans who have indeed felt like second tier citizens in relations to the Whites or Europeans. Racial identity emerges as a strong candidate for the basis of the discrimination. "La Raza de Bronze" (bronze colored people) are complaining against the oppressive European White people as foreign "gabachos. The plan for Aztlan is for the Mexican from all over the United States to stick together in orders to achieve a nationalistic purpose. An example is a move for Mexican students in all schools to drop out and stop attending classes until an adequate number of Mexican teachers were employed. This would be carried out, and the government would give in to their demands in the early 1970s.

For the very first time after the Chicano Colorado Conference of 1969, Mexicans would rally up together in activities of mass action. The Chicano cause would spread throughout the country, and the government, civil rights groups and other stakeholders would hear the Chicanos out. Although "Azlan," a distinct Mexican country where the Mexicans would finally be free of all discrimination arising from their extra minority status would never be achieved, "El Plan de Aztlan" achieved some things. First, the Mexicans were respected and got the attention they deserved.

While running for presidency Robert Kennedy, John F. Kennedy's brother met Chicano students' representatives in Los Angeles in 1969. Attention such as this one was beneficial to the Chicano cause. A Chicano political party is in the publication, and it would come to be in the formation of the "La Raza Unida" party before the 1972 General Elections. The party would be fragmented by infighting though. The plan for Aztlan pictured a pristine future where Mexican farmers, teachers, janitors, bus drivers and all sorts of workers especially blue-collar workers would get the recognition and reward they deserved. "El Plan de Azlan succeeded in uniting Mexican from all the states including those which Mexicans were extra-minority. A good percentage of their objectives were observed even though up to now the struggle is still on.

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