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Cause and Effect Essay: Pet Peeves

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Pet Peeves refers to the behaviors that tend to annoy us. The Pet Peeves behavior is usually unpredictable, unpleasant and occurs at uncertain duration. Most human beings tend to create the pet peeves from the exposure they have to negative things, dislikes or from experience. When a given experience forms a bad connotation in an individual or a given experience harms a person the person stores that particular incidence as a pet peeve. The more other people surround a person it is easy to detect the little things that they are doing which results in overlooking at others. The more a person interacts with others, the higher the possibility of witnessing the behaviors which result in annoying us. The fact that most people are not able to escape the annoying actions they tend to build an emotional response towards them. This essay focuses on the causes, effects and the solutions to the behavior of throwing litter.

The behavior of throwing litter in the wrong places could be caused by lack of knowledge. The behavior could be exercised by the individuals who are around us. It is annoying to have people throwing litter everywhere and anyhow rather than putting it in a dustbin appropriately. They could include my family, the community and or ones peers who have that bad behavior. People tend to lack enough knowledge on the effects that some behaviors could have on others and as well as on themselves. Low level of education causes people not to analyze how the throwing of litter everywhere could have a significant harm to others (Peterson and Todd 32).

The throwing of litter everywhere is also caused by the fact that some people tend to be ignorant of their behaviors and they are also lazy. A person who is lazy and ignorant does not see the urge of walking even a short distance to where the dustbin is so as they can throw the litter, but to them, it is easier to even throw it on the road where people are passing. For example, we find even our peers after they unwrap their sweets they tend to throw the wrappers without even minding where they are. The other cause of such behavior could be caused by the fact that a person is sick or of unsound mind (Campbell and Fiona 24)

Effects of Throwing Litter Everywhere

The behavior of throwing litter everywhere have a huge impact on an individual, the community and also a country. For example when litter is thrown into the sea it usually chemical substances that are bad and poses a threat to the life of the marine animals. When industrial places dispose their litter to the lakes, rivers, and seas, it could contain cadmium which is a metal that is very toxic and results in the killing of the kidney cells. The litter could also contain sulphur. Sulphur is very harmful to the health of the human beings. Human beings are usually infected with pleurisy diseases when they sniff in sulphur which significantly deteriorates their health.

Litter that is heaped in a particular location tend to rot, and this does not only affect the health of the people living in that given area but also give a bad influence to society. The litter tends to produce a bad smell which usually disrupts the activities of the people and can result in increasing the human stress level since they are living in an environment that is not conducive and not comfortable affecting their lifestyle.

The throwing of the litter everywhere tends to affect a country and its citizens financially such as the fishermen, business people, and the government. Throwing the litter into water bodies causes the death of the fish which in turn affects the finances of the fishermen. The businesses of the people are affected since the customers are not willing to go to an environment that will result in their health being affected by the bad smell and the rotten litter and hence resulting in reduced sales and lower level of income. In addition the government tend to have lower income received from the tourism sector. The behavior of throwing litter everywhere discourages and disappoints the tourists from visiting the country due to the unpleasant sites of rubbish (Muller and Thaddeus 29).

Solutions To be able to overcome the behavior people should start by acknowledging that the behavior exists. An individual should not deny the fact that they are irritated, but rather they should identify what is happening to them once the behavior occurs. When one denies the existence of the behavior, it results in undue stress of state of mind and the body. An issue can be easily addressed and solved once its existence is acknowledged. To be able to solve the problem of throwing litter everywhere an individual should have conscious thoughts and a change management aptitude that is effective (Lee, Nancy , and Philip Kotler 15) .

Another solution to the behavior is that individuals should learn the art of exercising patience, humility, compassion, and grace. When the grace is sufficient, a person can approach the other individual and politely request him/her to stop that given behavior since it is irritating without causing any violence. After that, a person should be able to exercise patience as the other person who is having the irritating behavior adjusts. People should try and understand as to why another person behaves in a particular manner. Some behaviors could be caused by stress or when a person is thinking hard. To help stop the irritating behavior the individual should be helped solve the problems that could be disturbing him/her.

The behavior can also be dealt with by finding a healthy release towards it. This helps an individual not to react when most irritated but rather knows how to deal with that given situation. For example, an individual can exercise the use of posters and be educating people on the effect of littering the environment to reduce the behavior.

The government can also help control the behavior of throwing litter everywhere by ensuring that the litter boxes are positioned in a strategic place after a given distance that is convenient for people to throw the litter. The government should also set up policies and fines that should be enforced on the people and industries who are caught disposing of litter in the wrong place (Lee, Nancy, and Philip Kotler 15).

In conclusion, the behavior of littering the environment causes pet peeve in most individuals and have a great effect on a person, the community and as well as on the country. Throwing of litter everywhere can result in the outbreak of diseases that poses a great threat to the human health and especially the kids since they have an immune system that is low. The littering affects a countrys ecosystem and this, in turn, affects the financial position of most of the people. Should be well educated on the impact of throwing the litter everywhere to cease on this bad behavior.


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