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Case Study: SAP Business by Design Software

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Case study
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The video shows how the SAP business by design works by demonstrating the marketing and sales functions and how they help manage market campaigns. The campaigns lead to sales and manage opportunities through the customer quotations.

In the video, it shows how the software manages inbound telephone calls generated by a marketing campaign. Second, create an action for the internal telesales team to further qualify prospects. Third, perform discovery and finally, manage sales interactions with customers and prospects.

Organizations would benefit from the software because they would know some revenues they acquire from campaigns. The organization would also be able to meet customer satisfaction because the sales interactions with customers are managed. There is also ease of accounting for customer information and requests are dealt with faster.

SAP Business One: Customer Relationship Management.

The video shows how the software works manually. There is also the use of the software by an organizations sales manager to manage customer interactions. The software keeps customer related information systematically.

In the video, it shows how the software manages customer contacts. It also manages track sales opportunities and view pipeline. Lastly, provide support to build lasting customer relationships.

Organization benefit from the software in that, customer history and loyalty is easy to know and analyze. It also aids in the decision-making process of an organization on what to take risks on depending on the prospects. There is also organizations ability to provide discounts and give offers to consistent customers because they can recognize them.

SAP Business One Iphone App.

The video is an iPhone business app that lets you do business and company duties online. There is ease in communication to clients and a list of to-do items on a specific day. The application is downloaded from the phones application system.

The software can give a view on upcoming tasks and flexibility to make updates on the tasks from the phone application. It is also used to display all activities in the company a particular customer has been doing. One can view requests and make decisions on matters affecting the customer. The decision if not well back up with information, the sales representative could use the application to ask for more information.

Organizations benefit because the application makes work more comfortable for the employees as they can quickly take their work home. There is also consumer satisfaction because requests are processed without delays because they are given as alerts on the app, and the representatives address the issue. The organization is also able to save on company resources such as computers which would be used to improve the products or even meet consumer needs.

Application to an Organization.

In the application, a real estate company would benefit from using the application. The real estate company deals with renting and leasing of properties from office to luxury places. The organization would most likely benefit from the SAP one iPhone app and the SAP business one customer relations management application.

The phone application would help reach the clients faster and easier especially since bookings to luxury places are done at any time of the day and not necessarily business hours. I order to deliver fast and efficiently the company could install the application on all the representatives phones. There is also ease in establishing customer history with the company, and therefore the representative can know the customer preference according to past events.

The application for customer relations is also necessary because the company mostly deals with customers one on one. The customer needs are met to their satisfaction as the organization can know what the customer prefers. There is also taking care of the loyal customers through things like discounts because the application enables an organization understands its consistent, loyal customers. Pricing of the commodities decision is made easier because the sales are recognized in different market aspects due to the records.

With the use of the applications, the organization would benefit by increasing sales after analysis of how customer relations affect sales. The company is also able to give good feedback to customers, therefore, making the customer the main advertiser which saves money.

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