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Book Review Example: The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork by Maxwell

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Book review
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1. Summary of Maxwell's book

As the name of the book suggests, there are indeed 17 laws written down by John Maxwell. In a brief all the laws are as follows;

The law of significance

The law of the big picture

The law of the niche

The law of Mount Everest

The law of the chain

The law of the catalyst

The law of the compass

The law of the bad apple

The law of countability

The law of the price tag

The law of the scoreboard

The law of the bench

The law of identity

The law of communication

The law of the edge

The law of high morale

The law of dividends

Some of the laws interrelate like the laws of bad apple, chain, and bench. One can make deep connections with the author as they read the book. All the laws can apply to any nature of work or line of work. The examples John uses are from the business, military and even sports world.

An example from the law of the big picture

In his venture to build homes for the needy people, President Jimmy Carter via the help of Millard Fuller had a big picture in mind. To enable him to achieve his goal Carter decided to work on one of the projects. Through dedication, he managed to do manual labor daily for a week. After that most people from all walks of life got motivated to join in on the project.

My gains in knowledge from the book

John Maxwell's 17 indisputable laws of teamwork is a book that has enlightened me with a vast of experience. There are some key topics that I learned from reading the book. Firstly it is crystal clear that without teamwork a group will fail. However, should the team manage to get through without partnership then it will be unable to reap the full benefits that the organization can achieve should it work together? In the law of significance, it shows how people try to accomplish everything on their own owing to their ego and insecurities. However, I have learned that a person not willing to seek help will find difficulty in their doings. I discovered that with attitude nothing significant could be achieved. In the law of bad apple, Maxwell guides me on a path not to get burdened by individual achievements of my team members. I need not also keep attributing the success of my team from a personal perspective even if I played a significant role that led to the victory.

My application of the knowledge gained

Maxwell's wise words from the book have offered me with insight on how to tackle some barriers in life. I find it difficult not to overstate the value of teamwork that the book taught me. Cooperation will be useful to me in everyday life. I can adapt the steps of working on a team from the school to work premises. The law of accountability guides me in the path of dependency. I believe that my group should be able to count on me on any issue. My dedication to the organization should know no bounds. If my actions can at any point are questionable, then I do believe that am not putting the desired effort for the goals the team targets to achieve. The law shows me that for the group to meet objectives and goals I need to perform with excellence.



Maxwell, J. C. (2013). The 17 indisputable laws of teamwork: Embrace them and empower your team. Thomas Nelson Inc.


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