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Biology Essay Example: Microbes, Fungi, and Protozoans

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Microbes are important to the world due to their relationship with animals and plants, the role they play in the purification of the environment and their usefulness in the food production technology.

Fungi on the other side are used as a biological insecticide. Fungi are known to eliminate various pests without causing any harm to the animals or plants. This method of pest control is an environmentally friendly method of pest control as opposed to using of chemicals which tends to upset the chemical composition of the atmosphere. Fungi also naturally produce antibiotics that hinder the growth of harmful bacteria in the environment.

Protozoans are also responsible for increased microbiological activities in the soil. They are responsible for breaking down human waste into useful soil nutrients which indirectly cleanses the environment. Most of the protozoans grow in aquatic areas and large water bodies hence they are a source of food for fish and other living organisms. Mushrooms are considered an important source of food to human beings for their nutritional contents and also are also used for medicinal purposes as well as in the manufacturing industry. To the world and existence of living microorganisms are as important as air, wind, and water.


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