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Biology Coursework Example: The Adaptations and Functions of Plants and Animals

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Plants bodies work with a set of different functions altogether to support their survival and also maintain the ecology since they are the earths primary producers. A variety of cells in a plant form a tissue. The tissues form organs of a plant, and in turn, the organs work within a system to facilitate the whole performance of a plant. As such, plants are made up of two main systems; the root system and the shoot system. The shoot system contains the flowers, stems, and leaves while the root system includes the roots, rhizomes and underground stem tubers. As such leaves manufacture food for the plant through photosynthesis with assistance from stomata, which facilitate an exchange of gases in the leaf, while stems provide support to the plant due to the availability of collenchyma and sclerenchyma cells. The roots mainly function to absorb water and nutrients from the soil as well as anchoring the plant to the ground. The xylem and phloem tissues are used to transport water, sugars, and other elements within a plant. Additionally, plants contain dermal tissues which prevent excessive water loss (PLANT ANATOMY, n.d.).

Onions fall under the class Monocotyledonae. They contain parallel leaf veins, have fibrous roots, and their food storage is a modification of the standard leaves. The standard leaves are normally set to manufacture food, but the onion plant is adapted to store its food in the compressed leaves. As such, the onion plant can be compared with the bean plant which falls under class Dicotyledonae. The bean plant has tap roots and contains reticulate venation. Their food is stored in seeds (Monocot vs. Dicot, n.d.).

Animals provide skin which is used by manufacturing companies in making clothing and other products. Leather shoes are some of the final products of skins from animals. The most important benefit of livestock is the provision of food. Animals are the primary source of proteins to the human diet, which are then used for bodybuilding.

In regards to adaptations, animals possess a greater advantage than plants. While the plants are immobile, animals can move from one place to another in search of food and also seek security. Some animals are adapted to feeding other animals, unlike plants which cannot feed on other plants. Finally, some animals can store water for very long periods, for example, the camel. It can go for weeks without having water and survive (Rose, 2006).



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