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Analysis of The Essay "Is Fast Food The New Tobacco?"

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Middlebury College
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The author of the essay titled "Is Fast Food The New Tobacco?" has brilliantly used a collection of several strategies to keep the reader active, inspired, attentive and able to memorize the information through the thoughtful use of repetition, literary devices, anomalies and contrast to achieve the reader's satisfaction as elaborated below.

The use of diacope as a repetition device has been relied upon in the essay "Is Fast Food the New Tobacco?" as the author uses the repetition at different instances as well as using different words. The author uses the phrase fast food with other words intervening making this memorable phrase stressed delightfully. Epimone is another repetition strategy employed in the essay as the author uses the phrase first food as tobacco, how it influence and affect the consumer's body as well as how first food is not healthy. The authors association of the fast food to the things that lower robust living standards is achieved through the use of this repetition strategy.

Commoratio is another repetition strategy the author has used successfully in the essay in different instances such the feeling after eating the fast food which is stated to be lazy, tired, slouchy, and sleepy as these all points out at the state when an individual is not active or can perform a given task efficiently. The author has also used anaphora as a strategy in the essay in the listing of the effects of the food on the heart such as the heart attack and heart disease. The author has achieved reader's attraction to the work through memory, inspiration, and entertainment through repetition in a manner that is thoughtful, imaginatively, forcefully and strategically by the use of the strategies of repetition.

Allusion has been used in the as a literary device through the indication of MSG just in passing to refer how the ingredient affects an individual's appetite for consumption of the products. The reference brings to the memory of a reader on the effects of fast food and stressing more on how one can be addicted to the menu. The author also uses allusion when expressing the societal belief in fast food and tobacco. The relation equates them to suggest the meaning of the fast food about the conventional definition of smoking. Allegory has been used in the essay to given forth the sense of the fast food when it is linked to the tobacco. It, therefore, shows how the fast food can affect the consumer's body about the known effects of the smoking. However, the author achieves the creation of mental picture in the reader's mind on the negative impact the smoking causes to the consumer so be it for the consumer of the fast food.

The author has successfully used the alliteration in the essay such as "first food" and has created some element of fun in work for the reader. Anthropomorphism has been used to achieve the lending of the human character to the nonhuman objects such as, "hunger goes away," Fast foods ability to "makes you hungry fast" as well as tobaccos ability to "make you feel lazy" together with "leaving a bad taste in." The author has successfully achieved the passage of the information about the adverse effect of the consumption of fast food in comparison to the tobacco and going ahead to emphasize that through elaborative example including the feeling before and after the use of the two items. The author links the effects in a manner that brings the big impact n the mind of the reader as the first statement appeared abrupt and could not pass the intended implication desired. The pros and cons are also given to the reader to make a rational argument in mind.

The author has used contrast in the essay by making the readers to observe the reason why they eat or what makes them taste compared to how they feel after eating. According to the author, before consuming the food, an individual would feed active and alive, but upon consumption of the food, the unexpected occurs (the state of feeling tired, slouchy, lazy and sleepy) sets. The writer creates the contrast between the expectations of the feeling before and after eating healthy food versus what happens before and after eating fast food. The two are foods but what happens after consumption is in total disagreement.

Anomalies in the essay are categorically brought forward through the use of fast food and its comparison to the tobacco which is a nonsolid or good item. It goes against expectations that the two things after consumption live some similarities in the feeling of the consumer as one feels slouchy and lazy after the use. It is also an anomaly to feel better before consumption that after the consumption of the food. Before eating, an individual feels active and alive with proper coordination in the body while losing that after eating food as well as leaving the person hungry.

In conclusion, the writer achieves the harmony of using the strategies such as repetition, contrast, literary devices, and anomalies. The balance creates the desired readers satisfaction making the essay lively, entertaining with a sense of humor achieved through the strategies.


Bhattacharya, B. (2017). Reading Ranciere: Literature at the Limit of World Literature. New Literary History, 48(3), pp.555-580.

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