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American Culture in the Twenty-first Century - An Essay Sample

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American culture in the twenty-first century was one which was different from other previous ones. Most of the operations were unique in their way. The time that preexisted seemed to have created an excellent foundation for the norms and set of America. During this period there was a drastic change of activities especially their economic status. All these changes significantly affected the American population at large. American's culture which was existing greatly influenced the people seek a well-being financial status to satisfy their families fully.

Also, there was a significant population migration where the Americans were in search of places where they could satisfy their economic needs. The American's culture previously had a lot of immigration which did not make them settle affecting the population growth. (Lynd, 2000.)In the 21st century, America started receiving a lot of foreigners than before. Similarly, during this period the rate of infertility in America was predominant. The immigrants facilitated the growth of population whereas the American's faced a challenge of high infertility. An excellent example of the immigrants America got were Indians, Asians.

During this period there has been a graphic mobility where the nation has put efforts to know the population of the occupants existing at the moment. Industrialization substantially led to the growth of towns in due course changed the people's standards of living. American culture during this period led to racial ethnicity. The great migration to America made most of the people to feel inferior and started isolating themselves from other groups of people. A positive result of this migration is that it led to intermarriage of the two ethnic groups. America had a mixed racial Heritage that the new group of people could not distinguish themselves.

Edgar Allan was an American literature writer where he played a significant contribution to gothic literature. The existing culture in America was one that got its roots from Allan; many poetic writers have adopted his styles. For instance, his work on the philosophy of composition is one that many people have copied and at least taken into consideration. (Edgar, 2014). America's traditions in the film industry have made some concepts from Edgar Allan's writings.

Similarly, the American culture during this period made the life expectancy to decline significantly. It, therefore, made the young age group to be the majority where the older adults' number to reduce drastically. Parents took lesser time in upbringing their children where most of them later divorced. Divorce became predominant up to the late 1980s.

American culture during this era was made up of a parent and a couple of children.

They also had an extended family which was confined in that they had responsibilities which they were to undertake. Similarly, the duties had a significant goal in meeting their needs economically, socially and politically. Americans who had a well-structured source of living had to sustain the broader family needs. Geographically, the Americans at large occupied regions which was an original homeland. As a result, the culture was a result of the social network that was predominantly existing.

Besides, another scholar who has greatly influenced American culture is Shirley Jackson. Her work on lottery has also significantly improved the American standards in literature. Nevertheless, the traditional American norms affected the society's roles. Christian weddings, for instance, portray a good picture of the American necessary family foundation. The bride according to American patterns was not allowed to see the groom where if this was not done, it could bring room for a bad omen. Precisely, the American tradition became eroded after a period. According to Allan Jackson, "the villagers had forgotten the rituals and lost the original box, they still remembered to use stones." (Jackson, 1960). With time American's tend to remember just a small percentage of the communal rituals. Evil activities that are taking place currently are to the extent that its traces can be followed in the past.

Consequently, this restricted them from seeking job opportunities from other regions. After they retired, they still could not occupy new places nor adopt unique social activities. The restriction, however, affected much the responsibilities that Americans played towards a contribution to the nation. Internet communication during this century got a market and spread so first. It led to the interaction of a particular community with the rest of the continent. Ideas were shared to every part of the country. As a result, all this spread brought in innovations which contributed the economic status of America as a whole. The working environment of many drastically changed and improved. Original native communities in America got a platform where they interacted with other cities which not exist.

On the contrary, the American's social standard changed due to the agreements which they signed in the nineteenth century. The efforts Americans made in sustaining their economic status greatly helped them to get free healthcare, security, food, shelter, and reservation.

As discussed above, the American culture in this century has an essential connection with the historic socialization records. However, the twenty-first century has been observed to be unique in its way. Much has been to be desired by many foreign nations which have borrowed American ideas. The efforts made by Americans has made them change their socio-economic standards for the betterment of their lives. Discoveries in technological communication fields like the internet, cell phones, and video games have linked American's with a ready market and served the interests of its people.


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