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Admission Essay Example for Hofstra University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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The Hofstra University Career Centre is a brilliant resource which will help me a lot to settle for one course and decide on particular programs. As a student in High School, I have a general idea of the programs I would like to pursue, but I do not yet understand the particular features, advantages, and challenges associated with individual courses. I feel the Career Centre is a resource I can take advantage of in helping me decide on the majors and minors to choose at the university. The Career Centre provides a utility program which links up students with potential employers. All I have to do is share my strengths, weaknesses, and passions with the Career Centre and make use of Career Fairs, Handshake online application and Service Networking among other connections. Hence, Hofstra University is an excellent place to make connections and progress my career even while still in college. Such a head start is extremely valuable.

At Hofstra University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences I can pursue Psychology in two broad Undergraduate programs; Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and a degree in Psychology and Pre-health Studies. The co-curricular activities in the Psychology Department include club and associations namely: Neuroscience Club and Psychology Club. Also, the national psychology honor society and Campus Chapter Psi Chi come in handy at the university.

The reason I would like to join Hofstra University besides the high academic standards is that the lifestyle on offer at the university is a one of a kind experience. The school offers a varied and involved life both on and off campus. There is an appreciation for all cultures and understanding of people from any background in life. I will be in a stellar position to meet many people, students and faculty members, who will help me become a better person by introducing me to new life experiences through interactions.

Hofstra University is involved with community service in various ways, and as I happen to be a member of the local community, I look forward to playing a role in the outreach programs. Extra-curricular activities such as Sports, Music, Theatre and Volunteering will also keep me busy, meaning my life at the university will be all-rounded. Hofstra University being a private university is a close-knit college with its unique atmosphere ideal for academic development, research studies, and personal growth. I feel that Hofstra University will help me become a better in the society.


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