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A Once in a Lifetime Event - Creative Writing Example

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Vanderbilt University
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Creative writing
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The second annoying buzz of my alarm clock woke me on the winter-cold morning. As I groggily slid out of bed to the shower, I could hear voices of my younger sister as she quarreled my mother over which clothes she should wear. As I took a shower, my instincts could tell me that this was taking a little longer than usual and that we were definitely running late. As fast as I could, I slithered from the bathroom and quickly dressed up, ready to start another routine morning. My sister and I promptly hopped into the interior of my white, sleek Thunderbird and sped off.

Owing to our late departure, I drove a little bit faster than usual as I sang along to the blasting music amidst small talks with my sister. The road was a bit wet due to the chilly morning weather, but that did not worry us too much. As we broke to the top of one small, blind hill, I suddenly saw the silhouette of a dead animal in the right lane of the road. At this moment, a gazillion thoughts crossed my mind, and within a whisker of an eye, all I could hear was a loud screeching sound of the car breaks, amidst a horrifying shriek from my sister. The car skidded and swerved back to the left, to the right and to the left again. I could no longer hear my sisters screams, and at this moment, my body jolted with the sporadic movements of the car. I cursed under my breath, and my eyes sealed tight, and I could feel my entire body float off the seat of the vehicle.

The events of that fateful morning will forever be engraved in my mind. Fear, disbelief, and disappointment took the better part of me as I lay on my side sandwiched between the ice-cold tarmac road and the hot slick metal of the car. I could feel the weight of the car pressing down on the lower half of my body with a monster force. I could not move, my whole being was numb, and at this point, I realized that I could not hurt at all. I, however, could feel the hoods mass of the car stamping my body deep into the ground. I wanted to scream, but surprisingly, not a single word came out of my mouth. My lungs felt pinched shut and air could make neither enter nor escape them. With a buzzing mind, I tried to recap of what had happened, and all I could remember was the nasty screeching sound of the car breaks.

From a distance, on that cursed road, I saw other motorists driving past me, completely unaware of what had happened or what I felt. For the second time, I tried to yell, but I was utterly voiceless. All I could do was either wait for someone to help me or worse still, wait to die. I quickly remembered my sister, but I had no idea of where she was or what could have happened to her. I felt helpless; I bitterly wept just from the mere thought that I could lose my little sister.

Time went fast, and I could no longer think or remember anything. My whole body froze, and the next moment I opened my eyes, a distressing sight met my eyes. I lay helplessly on a hospital bed and a couple of strides away, my mother sat on a couch red-faced and shaken. As soon as our eyes met, I could read sadness from the tears that dropped from her eyes. And that very moment, I learned that we had lost my little sister from the accident.

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