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A Literary Essay Example: To Kill the Mocking Bird

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According to Lee (2), there lived a small family in Alabama of three brothers and sister namely Jem and scout. The siblings had a close friend named Dill who was living with his aunt while his parents were based in Mississippi Dill. Jim was the only brother who had a hard time in his life because broke his arm by the age of 13. The three friends had great friendship ties as they used to do most of their activities together. Dill was very resourceful to the two siblings as he was full of ideas. Dill was a child who could engage in risky endeavors, and he was too aggressive in any action and later influenced the movement of Scout and Jem (Lee 4). Within the neighborhood of Jem and Scout, there was the unoccupied house that most of the community members feared to get near it. Due to the aggressive nature of Dill, he influenced the other two siblings one day to identify what was in the house. In Jim's family, he was the oldest followed by Scout.

At home, the two siblings were close friends, but when they went to school, Jem could not concentrate much on playing with his brother who was in fifth grade while Scout had recently joined. Jim perceived the scenario at the learning center as an embarrassment to him. According to the novel in chapter two, Scout claims that it was hard for him to play with Jim because he felt embarrassed. The two siblings had strong bonds and could help each other in times of hardship and difficulties. Scout was perceived to be easy to anger while Jem was a cool kid who respected people and was always out of trouble (Lee 5). Based on the narration of chapter three of the novel, Jim tried to settle the aggression of scout toward Walter who contributed to scout being punished. Jim decides the violence in a more appropriate manner of re-establishing the friendship of Scout and water by inviting water for lunch at their place.

Jim was a protective brother to Scout, and he could not allow him to experience any harm. Additionally, he was also responsible, and this can be seen when scout got gum from the Radleys compound which was perceived to be haunted and later cautioned scout not ever go there. The three friends used to spend much time playing together, and their favourite game was the rolling of tires. In the gaming process, Jim was more innovative in coming up with new ways of games. There were significant relationships between the three to a point where Dill felt like he could marry scout as he claimed to her loved her but he wasnt much serious about it. As time passed, there was a close connection between Jim and Dill to a point where scout felt to be neglected and turn to consider Mrs. Maudie as her friend. The friendship between Mrs. Maudie and Scout grew stronger as she saw her as a respectful and honest lady who stayed across the street. According to chapter five of the Novel, Scout connotes that Mrs. Maudie was trustworthy, who treated her with respect and she did not like to engage in gossiping (Lee 11).

There was a day when they planned to invade the Radleys house. The plan was influenced by Dill who convinced the other two siblings to forge ahead. That particular day, their move was noticed by Dills aunt who became disappointed with what the three children did. The two siblings had good family relationships as most of the time they spend together. They used to go home together and talk about issues that they experience and about any encounter that they had experienced (Lee 13). Moreover, they discussed much on their problems academic as Jem provided advice to his sister on school progress and how to deal with school challenges.

The three kids were much interested in knowing what was in the Radleys house and what lead it being branded as a haunted house. These interests were developed when dill came into the picture and persuaded the two siblings to create the urge of investigating the Radleys house. Additionally, Jem was a protective child who could always protect his sister in any circumstance. During winter periods, he could make sure that scout is kept warm as most of the time he provided her with blankets. Furthermore, Scout had a perception that Jem could keep secrets, but she was wrong (18). According to the novel in the chapter, Jem exposed all their secrets to Atticus when he told him about their hiding places among others.

The family background which was based on strong religious valued cemented the friendship between the two siblings and their friend Dill as they spend much of their time playing together and engaging each other.

Work Cited

Lee, Harper. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962), 2006.

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