60 Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topic Ideas

60 Interesting Marketing Dissertation Topic Ideas

Developing an impressive dissertation is an important step in receiving a degree and meeting all your academic goals. To come up with a paper of excellent quality, you need to pick a winning topic in marketing, make use of the proper paper format, collect only relevant facts and data, and describe all your findings in an original way. To rocket launch your writing process, it is vital to explore the best marketing research paper topics and choose the one and only to complete your assignment. Below you will find dozens of marketing topics to write about; all are fresh, understandable, and easy to write. 

Best Way to Select Brilliant Marketing Research Project Ideas

The most necessary thing you should pay attention to when surfing online for marketing research topics is to grab only relevant solutions that are reinforced by the ideas and concepts of proven experts in the chosen field. It is better to avoid putting into practice innovative or out-of-the-box ideas since you will hardly find enough sources to complement your topic. Always choose marketing topics for research with data accessibility in mind. If you can use the existing literature to build your academic paper, this is always a good sign. If not, it is better to look for a more researchable solution. In other words, if you can collect many credible sources to use during your writing process, you will have a chance to create a top-notch dissertation faster and easier. 

Furthermore, it is important to find a gap in the existing sources that will become the basis of your paper. Of course, this might be extremely challenging, so you might often ask the professor about the consultation on choosing marketing dissertation topics. However, it is always better to make a list of marketing-related topics beforehand to spend your time during consultation more effectively. 

Easy Digital Marketing Thesis Topics and Ideas

When it comes to completing difficult academic assignments that require advanced research and collecting numerous facts, it is better to stick to easy marketing topics you have at least a basic understanding of. Digital marketing is a niche everyone has heard about millions of times. Moreover, it is a practical and modern topic with tons of handy sources available. 

  1. The role of marketing campaigns on social media. 
  2. Increasing brand awareness among different target audiences online.
  3. How to set up customer-centric marketing campaigns to drive online sales.
  4. How to improve brand loyalty online.
  5. The effectiveness of social media marketing. 
  6. Most effective ways to take the best from a marketing campaign launched on a chosen digital channel.
  7. Why do people get annoyed by ads, and how to avoid it. 
  8. Advantages of using customer targeting techniques and methods.
  9. The perspectives of using AI tools in digital marketing.
  10. Using digital marketing techniques in the financial sector. 
  11. Pay-per-click marketing campaigns: pros and cons.
  12. How to find keywords for online campaigns.
  13. Digital marketing during the COVID-19 crisis.
  14. Online ads: advantages and drawbacks.
  15. Using influencers in online marketing. 
  16. Data mining marketing principles.
  17. Celebrities and online marketing. 
  18. Marketing capability and digitalization.
  19. TV ads: is this marketing channel still effective?
  20. The impact of digital ads on children’s minds. 

International Marketing Research Ideas

Globalization is one of the hottest trends in many fields. Many products and services are sold out to customers from various countries. Thus, international marketing requires completely different approaches and techniques. You can easily choose one of the solutions for your academic paper from the list of marketing research topics below. 

  1. The basic features of the international selling environment. 
  2. How to launch campaigns designed for audiences in different countries.
  3. How global marketing regulations can impact international corporations.
  4. Experimental marketing in the United Kingdom.  
  5. Selling goods and services globally: top marketing strategies.
  6. Internal marketing in the Australian hotel industry. 
  7. Most effective techniques for international pricing policies. 
  8. The benefits of geo segmentation of the target audience. 
  9. Individual customer approach in international marketing.
  10. How to avoid discrimination in marketing. 
  11. Promotion on Chinese markets: top challenges.
  12. Online advertising in international marketing.
  13. Modern international brand building techniques. 
  14. Target audiences for advertising in India. 
  15. Marketing for global non-profit organizations. 
  16. International public relations campaigns.
  17. Marketing campaigns for aviation.
  18. Global trends in online promotion. 
  19. The future of radio advertising.

Hot MBA Dissertation Topics You Can Start Writing About Now 

Composing a successful MBA paper might take tons of time and effort. However, if you grab a splendid topic for your academic assignment, the chances are that you will be much more effective during writing. Remember that it is vital to find a healthy balance when choosing the right topic for this type of paper - it should be neither too easy to write about nor too complex. Picking up an idea that corresponds to your academic level is key to successful writing. 

  1. How to develop an effective marketing strategy during the coronavirus crisis. 
  2. Most innovative customer satisfaction methods: tools and strategies. 
  3. The differences between female and male consumer preferences. 
  4. The correlation between advertising strategies and corporate ethics.
  5. The connection between marketing and psychology of persuasion.
  6. The analysis of trends and tendencies in TV advertising. 
  7. Factors that improve customers’ purchase intentions.
  8. How to use game theories for successful branding?
  9. Top brand identity strategies and how to implement them. 
  10. Communication barrier and consumerism. 
  11. The role of service support in marketing. 
  12. Best marketing solutions for small businesses.
  13. Standardization in global marketing. 
  14. Green marketing techniques and methods in logistics. 
  15. Unethical behavior and brand image. 
  16. Social responsibility in marketing. 
  17. Sales and product packaging.
  18. Key factors of relationship marketing. 
  19. Marketing across cultures.
  20. Market orientation for startups.
  21. Charity marketing techniques. 

Easy Way to Write a Superior Dissertation 

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