28 Good Nursing Dissertation Topics and Ideas

28 Good Nursing Dissertation Topics and Ideas

First of all, congratulations! You made it! You are almost at the end of your studies. Soon you will leave your school with a beautiful and highly useful degree. All medical professions are extremely important for the well-functioning of our society. However, nurses are one of those specialists that manage to keep the whole healthcare system afloat. You have chosen a great career!

However, such a meaningful role comes with many responsibilities. You have to be well-educated and ready for anything. This is why you need to write a dissertation. This work will demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the profession you have chosen. Indeed, writing a dissertation is similar to passing the one final exam in academia. The one that will decide on your destiny in the field. Feeling the pressure already? Well, it’s nothing in comparison to choosing the idea for your final writing assignment. Truly, finding the theme that you will work on for months is a highly important decision to make. It will take you a lot of time and nerves to make up your mind about it. 

In fact, PhD nursing dissertation topics are relatively easy to find but hard to choose. You need to have a strategy for it. It takes a proper understanding of what a dissertation as an assignment is about, how to do it, and what your goal is. To help you, we will offer you a list of research topics in nursing along with some tips on how to choose it right. You are welcomed! 

What Is a Dissertation?

First things first, a student should fully grasp the nature of the work at hand before making any further moves. So, first, let’s answer what a dissertation is and how to approach it. As you may know, most PhD students are expected to write a dissertation. However, it’s an optional choice. You can easily choose to write a doctoral thesis. It will be a slightly easier task that requires less time and research. Yet, a dissertation is valued higher in academia. Besides, it is your chance to shine and demonstrate all your skills and knowledge gained during your studies. 

So, when approaching such a large assignment, good time-management skills are essential. It’s important to plan everything ahead and stick to a schedule. That’s another reason why you should not postpone looking at nursing dissertation topics and nursing papers examples. It should be the first stage of your plan. Hence, delaying it will mess with your entire work schedule for months ahead. You should choose an original and unique idea that can add value inside on the topic at hand. 

Next, you should do your research. Look for the sources that will help you explain the topic and your take on it. Then, analyze the researched data and create your own surveys and questionnaires when needed. 

Finally, move on to outlining and drafting your future work. A good outline is the foundation of successful work. Having a good idea for your paper is not enough. You should also know how to communicate it to the readers. Hence, at this stage, you work on delivering your great topic to your audience. It should be easy to understand and follow. 

After you are done, all that is left for you is to write the whole thing together. Depending on the length, it can take several months in total. Don’t forget to proofread and edit it in the end. Don’t let small errors drag you down!

How to Choose the Best Nursing Thesis Topics

Choosing unique and interesting health topics to write about is never easy. It’s especially hard to find research paper topics for nurses, as their options are just too broad. First of all, there are numerous fields of medicine that you can look at for inspiration. Secondly, the given occupation manages a lot of things at once. So, sometimes it can become confusing and difficult for a person to choose only one thing to talk about. We understand. Yet, these topics play crucial importance in your PhD degree. That’s why we have prepared a brief guide for you on how to handle the given task. 

Good Research Topics for Nursing

At last, you are ready to see some of the topics for yourself! These are four categories of various dissertation ideas, divided by the medical fields. Such categorization should help you narrow down your search and focus on topics that look interesting to you. So, look at the options available to you, look for the ideas you can use, and read them as an inspiration in your future search.

Dissertation Topics in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Nursing

Women’s health has often been neglected throughout the centuries. Well, we should not let it happen in today’s world. Learning about women’s bodies and the miracle of birth is a gift on its own. This field of medicine can give you a lot of life or death topics to write about. Here are just a few of them:

  1. The causes of pre-ecliptic pregnancies and how to diagnose them.
  2. Special nursing care for women at risk of preterm labor. How the elimination of stress factors increases one’s chances of healthy labor.
  3. At-home delivery with doulas vs. labor in the hospital. The risks of not having an obstetrician during the delivery.
  4. An ethical way to guide teens during their first gynecological exam.
  5. The risk factors of surgical treatment vs. the non-invasive methods. Why are women afraid to choose invasive operations? 
  6. How to spread awareness about cervical cancer among young women.
  7. The functional significance of proper hormone regulation among women during menopause. 

Psychiatric Nursing Research Topics

Psychiatry, along with the rest of the mental health medical fields, can vary in its purpose, areas of study, and diagnostic methods. It takes many years to become a professional in the given field. This science is crucial in detecting and treating mental health disorders. Many mental health patients require medical professionals to intervene with therapy, medication, or both. Here are some popular nursing research topics in psychiatry you should know. 

  1. How to recognize and treat postpartum depression in its early stages. 
  2. The role of nursing care in mental health patients. The analysis of different approaches in care and their aftermath. 
  3. The early signs of dementia. How can healthcare personnel educate relatives about what to expect from there? 
  4. Eating disorders. How positive reassurance can play a crucial role in the healing process. 
  5. Stress is a lifestyle. Why did the current generation become that stressed, and what can be done about it?
  6. Does socioeconomic background affect one’s predisposition towards mental disorders? 
  7. Can a healthy diet decrease the level of anxiety and severity of depression? Case study. 

Emergency Nursing Dissertation Ideas

Emergency nurses are those medical professionals who are the first to react to life-threatening events, such as trauma, heart attack, and other severe medical conditions. It’s hard to overestimate the important role of this profession. Needless to say, these nurses have to be ready for anything. They have to know their job, react fast, and perform tasks almost automatically. However, this level of preparedness comes with lots of practice and knowledge. Here are a few ideas you can write about when considering this area of medicine: 

  1. How to assess the life-threatening traumas in toddlers.
  2. The statistics of most frequent injuries among young people under 30 and how to be ready for their treatment. 
  3. Overdosing. How the opioid crisis overloaded the ER rooms over the past five years. 
  4. How does stress affect the overall wellbeing of emergency nurses?
  5. Are poor self-care and the health emergency chances connected? 
  6. The role of professional eye assessment in determining a patient's condition.
  7. Can we educate the population about the first emergency responses in critical situations? 

Public Health Topics

We can’t tackle all individual health risks without looking at the picture at large. Many diseases, poor self-care, or other medical life threats lie in the area of public health. This field is responsible for preventing diseases and other health issues in society. Hence, this area is helping the entire healthcare system by decreasing the risks of serious medical cases among the population. Overall, this area of study can give you plenty to write about: 

  1. The comparison between private and public hospitals. Is the workforce division in those facilities fair to the nurses? 
  2. How the low or high quality of water can determine the health of the entire region. The case study of (pick a region of your choice).
  3. When measuring the quality of life, health takes the top position in the rating. But, can public health specialists improve the level of happiness among the population?
  4. The obesity crisis among children. Is the current situation a failure of the public health system in the US?
  5. Alcoholism is the biggest cause of medical emergencies. How can the healthcare system put a stop to it?
  6. Do higher-income families receive more benefits from the public health system than those of lower-income?
  7. What are the three main enemies of the public health system at the moment, and what are medical specialists doing about it? (Choose three diseases and analyze them).