70 Public Health Dissertation Topics

70 Public Health Dissertation Topics

Developing a dissertation on healthcare is usually one of the final steps in your learning process before receiving a degree. This academic paper is extremely important because it is designed to help you come up with your own vision on a particular issue, show off your exceptional research, analytical, and writing skills. However, choosing dissertation topics in public health might often appear to be a long and tricky process. Below you will find the newest prompts on how to collect the most promising public health topics for research and compose an excellent dissertation within the shortest terms.

How to Select the Best Public Health Dissertation Topics

The process of writing a dissertation might take you weeks and months. Therefore, it is vital to know how to choose a dissertation topic to complete this type of academic assignment with a desirable result. Here are a few tips that will allow you to make the process of making the right choice smoother and faster. 

Follow Your Interests 

What can make your writing more effective? The truth is that you can compose your academic papers and develop brilliant writing if you are truly interested in the chosen field. Consequently, when searching for a winning public health research topic, always follow your interests. You might come through dozens of easy options you might have heard dozens of times. However, if you show zero interest in the chosen niche, your process of writing will likely be slowed down. The secret here is to grab an inspiring solution that will make you do the research, collect the arguments, and explore the niche with enthusiasm. In other words, becoming a passionate writer is one of the keys to success in developing high-quality dissertations. 

Try to Be Unique 

It is often difficult to find a truly original niche to write about. However, it is still possible to find gaps in different studies to develop your dissertation. It is not recommended to choose a topic everyone is also writing about. If you want to get extra points for your academic assignment, it is better to stick to new notions that will be interesting for the audience. By the way, if you fail to find this unique golden niche to write about, it might be great to compose a paper that describes some common concepts from an original angle. 

Avoid Being Vague 

Although a dissertation is an academic paper of an impressive volume, it shouldn’t cover ambiguous topics or concepts. It should be tightly written and precise writing that reflects particular ideas and research done in a chosen field. Furthermore, this paper should have a 100% clear structure and no blurred descriptions or unfitting examples. Thus, avoid grabbing a concept that is too broad. Remember that you will need to do an advanced analysis of the selected niche and come up with concise conclusions. There are many interesting health topics to write about, but it is necessary to pick only precise and comprehensive ones. 

Do the Research Beforehand

When choosing a topic for your dissertation, always do research before you start developing a thesis. You can collect several solutions and choose the one that has more relevant sources you can use during writing. This simple trick will help you select an easier-to-write-about solution. 

Be Realistic 

You might already have a couple of exciting topics you can write about. However, you shouldn’t be blind to the weak points of the chosen solution. The truth is that some of your favorite ideas might not be suitable to compose a paper of your academic level. Stay away from weak notions that will not be supported by numerous facts and trustworthy sources. Try to analyze your topic from different sides to get an unbiased vision of whether it suits your expectations. 

Get Help 

If you feel lost in dozens of examples of research topics in public health, it is always a good idea to consult the mentor or professor. As a rule, these are people with amazing experience who can help you make the best possible choice. However, it is better to come up with several topics you will choose from during the consultation. 

Don’t Hesitate to Switch to Another Topic 

Sometimes it happens that you feel disappointed with the chosen topic after you’ve started writing. If you feel that your solution is too difficult or irrelevant, it is better to select another one until you go too far. It is absolutely normal to switch to another topic when writing a dissertation. 

Hot Research Topics in Public Health for Masters

If you are looking for up-to-date and comprehensive topics to write about, this list is likely to suit all your needs. Grab one of the ideas below and compose a superior dissertation in no time. 

  1. Dementia: how to help the patient’s relatives.
  2. Innovative preventing methods of mental diseases.
  3. How to stop racism and other forms of discrimination in the healthcare sector. 
  4. Measures to prevent child obesity.
  5. Should schools have lessons related to public health?
  6. Poverty and access to quality healthcare.
  7. Depression: how to help children and teenagers suffering from this condition?
  8. Sexual abuse in the public health sector.
  9. The correlation between sleep disorders and mental illnesses.
  10. Post-traumatic stress disorder: newest ways of medical treatment. 
  11. Legal issues in private healthcare institutions.
  12. Audit and finances in big hospitals.
  13. The role of insurance in healthcare. 
  14. The correlation between diet and diabetes. 
  15. How to manage drug addiction.
  16. The benefits and dangers of using opioids.
  17. The importance of regular full-body diagnostics.
  18. Most effective ways for managing pain.
  19. The genetic epidemiology of CRND.
  20. Cannabis treatment for children: risks and benefits.
  21. Newest technologies in healthcare. 
  22. The future of TeleTrade healthcare.
  23. Can doctors have the right to consult patients online?
  24. Fitness applications and diet.
  25. The ways to treat deep venous thrombosis.

Most Interesting Dissertation Ideas for Easy Writing 

When it comes to composing a dissertation, you might face the need to develop some pieces of the dissertation to meet urgent deadlines. If you don’t have enough free time to work on your academic paper, these topics might become true life-savers.

  1. Anxiety disorders: how to help young parents. 
  2. Epidemiologic evidence in the toxic torts.
  3. Correlation between human genetics and epidemiology. 
  4. Maternal health and kids’ behavioral patterns.
  5. Public health policies: an advanced comparison.
  6. Survival rates of children with different age groups.
  7. Socio-economic environment and public health. 
  8. Most common mental issues of Africans and Europeans. 
  9. The most important features and equipment for trauma-specialized clinics.
  10. Cancer prevention and early diagnostics. 
  11. The dangers of too intense physical workouts for teenagers. 
  12. How to improve the quality of life of patients with Alzheimer’s.
  13. Should governments pay more attention to the control of pesticides? 
  14. The role of technology in healthcare.
  15. The most effective ways of sanitation COVID-19 hospitals. 
  16. Should people without insurance have access to vaccination?
  17. Drug addiction among young people and communicable diseases. 
  18. Should public places have any equipped smoking areas?
  19. Should smoking be banned in public places?
  20. How to stop AIDS spread among young people.
  21. Public health access issue in the United States. 

Best Epidemiology Project Ideas

Epidemiology is currently one of the most disputable topics among hundreds of scientists all over the world. There are many project topics on epidemiology you can write about. However, it is better to select the most relevant options. 

  1. Healthcare issues in rural areas. 
  2. COVID-19 vaccination: pros and cons.
  3. Immune system and COVID-19: myths and facts.
  4. Should people have the flu vaccination in the era of the coronavirus crisis?
  5. Most common post-covid health issues. 
  6. Vaccination and the children’s health. 
  7. Role of humanitarian missions in undeveloped countries.
  8. The real dangers of vaccination. 
  9. The possible impact of brain injuries on mental health.
  10. Mutation of viruses: myth vs. reality.
  11. The future of organ transplantation. 
  12. Most common issues of molecular epidemiology. 
  13. Should scientists use animals for testing medications?
  14. The real advantages and drawbacks of homeopathic medicine.
  15. Placebo effects: myths and facts.
  16. Most common reasons for genetic illnesses.
  17. Child healthcare during the COVID-19 crisis. 
  18. Ebola epidemic: how to prevent it in the future? 
  19. Coronavirus mutation: are there any risks for humanity?
  20. Preventing coronavirus: should there be a third vaccination?
  21. Pfizer vs. Moderna: Which vaccination is better for elderly people?
  22. Will vaccination stop the coronavirus spread in the developed countries? 
  23. Ways to engage people to make a vaccine against coronavirus.
  24. Practice and knowledge in the treatment of chickenpox. 

Most Effective Way to Write a Perfect Dissertation 

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