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Time Management in Industrial Designing

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University of Richmond
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Industrial designers work with other experts to design ideas for clients and turn such ideas into new products. Efficacious industrial designers do stop at the level of bachelor's degree. As my best career choice, I am determined not only to pass the theoretical aspects involved in industrial designing but also to apply them practically in the field. My mother always tells that school is an institution that manufactures men out of boys, and that can only happen if I take my education seriously and read to excel in my course. Throughout my study, I have realized that to pass with good grades I have to make good use of time. As such, time management will not only provide me with humble time to solve class work problems but will also give me an opportunity to consult with tutors and classmates on matters that need help.

In order to prosper in industrial designing, a course that requires complete freshening to my creative concern and impulse for practical human demands, I have to schedule my activities on a daily basis. In other words, I will have a timetable. Firstly, the timetable with act like a reminder that will inform me of what I should do and when I should have it done. Notably, this approach will prevent the extra energy which is focused on issues that do not drive the educational goals. For example, I should know when to play video games since the brain also needs to rest; however, this should not interfere with my educational programs.

Secondly, proper time management will give me an opportunity to consult and have solutions to my class tasks and problems whenever I do not understand them. Individually, there are cases that one cannot understand everything hence it requires one to look or an option to have the solution to the problem. However, this can only work when there is enough time to consult before the submission date. The consultation goes through professor to classmates and even to my parents. Through them, I will get an opportunity to understand specific concepts that I have not followed.

I have established my priorities and set goals of what I have to achieve within a given time. Not all tasks are essential: some are optional in life such as going to have fun with friends. I will prioritize my tasks in order of importance; that is, from most to least important ones. People who work hard and well organized but spend a lot of time on unimportant tasks may be efficient but not effective. Therefore, one must identify which tasks are urgent and significant to give them the priority. I have learned to delete or toss some class problems in order to have enough space for this course. On the same note, I have set goals to achieve within a particular time. The goals go-hand-in hand with my set deadline so that one activity does not utilize the time preserved for another task.

Procrastination is a vice that I plan to eliminate to manage my time efficiently. In its pure definition, procrastination is the habit of putting off essential tasks until a later date. For particular reasons, individuals have an emotional reaction when they want to do what they do not enjoy; hence they postpone them. However, in this case, I have developed an interest in this course to the point that I enjoy every bit of it hence cases of delaying specific activities are minimal. The habit of postponing events will be dealt with using my set deadline of activities. This means that particular tasks have to be finished on or before my set deadline.

Another personal trait that I have determined to leave is anger. Although this is not connected to time, it comes when I have failed to submit or excel in class just because I have not managed my time efficiently. I have realized that when I am hungry, I make certain decisions which are not in line with my educational goals. In some occasions, I tend to go and sleep instead of correcting my mistakes. I have realized with Industrial designing; one needs to fix the errors as soon as possible.

In conclusion, my undergraduate program in industrial designing as the major is a journey of discoveries and explorations. While increasing my academic abilities and practical expertise, I have improved my artistic responsiveness, awareness of the world around us, and comprehend the necessity of time management. As such, to excel in my Industrial designing as a career, I have to manage time efficiently. A timetable is a necessity as it will give the order of handling particular tasks at a given time. Also, time management will provide me with an opportunity to consult whenever concepts that I do not understand arises. Lastly, it will give me a chance to excel hence cases of anger as a result of failure will not occur.

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