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The Tour to the El Cerrito Senior Center

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Sewanee University of the South
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Before the Tour

El Cerrito Senior Center is a program center opened with the aim of providing quality life and services to old people or adults aged fifty plus years. The company is located at 6500 Stockton Avenue in El Cerrito. The senior center contact is (520) 559-7677 while the mailings address is10890 San Pablo Avenue. It operates on weekdays from 8.30 to 5 pm on Monday to Thursday and 8.30 to 4 pm on Fridays. The company's staff and volunteers aim at providing quality programs to independent persons and the elderly. A center is a place of fun filled with exciting programs, classes, products, and volunteer job opportunities. El Cerrito Senior Centre has a schedule which it adheres to every year like trips and execution, Plans for Giving, Volunteers and committee for the Aging people.

The site is one of the best in the area with adequate facilities and amenities for research. It also gives the students or other researchers an opportunity to interact with the staffs and the audiences or customers. An interactive communication is essential when researching sites since most information is provided by the recipient of the service. Another reason for selecting this area is due to its excellent facilities and entertainments activities based on Community Social Responsibilities. It is always good to give back to the community thus as a student and community member this would be a good chance to demonstrate the same. The study of this visit also enriches the culture since most of the services and product are culturally based (Collins 2017).

During the Tour

From the many programs the center offers, the visit will be explicitly based on the class part. The classes incorporate computer training studies, arts and crafts, memoir writing, music and dieting programs for the aged people. The event is the best field for interaction and learning new ideas. It also gives a chance to socialize and acquire skills from the parties involved.

El Cerrito provides the following services to the elderly, hairdresser and barber, support for the visually impaired through massages and women support groups. The programs and classes like folk movements and services, balance training, and fall prevention for the physically impaired and very elderly persons, exercises and art and craft. The center also offers computer classes and legal services.

The center requires every person willing to visit the property to pay 50$ as entry fee which is used to cater for the services provided. Still, donations in the form of physical properties like games kits and computers are accepted to assist the company meets their goal and mission. In return, the center offers a delicious meal to the visitors and a free ride across the entire center. The services provided by the Center are of high-quality work. The team is experienced not only in the product provision but also excellent customer services. During the visit we were able to gather information on how the center operates, the teams involved and all kind of services provided. Direct socialization with the elderly gave us a chance to learn more about how to treat the adults and the type of life to expose them into. The guest gets a chance to reflect on the kind of life the elderly and the physically impaired live and how to impact their lives. The guest also acquires knowledge on how to come up with similar centers to help other needy persons in the society (Kirk-Sanchez& McGough 2014).

Our tour guide was Mr. Cech Peter senior communication manager. He has been working with the company for the last ten years thus has adequate information and knowledge of the company. Mr. Cech is not an excellent communicator but also a good storyteller filed with humor and sensitivity of all kind of issues. According to Mr. Cech meetings and events industry is a bit challenging, but once one succeeds in setting up the industry, the management and operation are straighter forward. The first thing to consider is the location of the industry and the target customers. Based on the location, factors like accessibility, communication network, and security are very crucial. The other consideration is the type of services to offer and the availability of the resource to accomplish the same. He also advised us to ensure the industry does not go against the morals of the community (Collins 2017).

After the Tour

The tour was a pleasant experience for studying and socializing with a different group of people. I was able to learn how to interact with a diverse group of people like elderly and the physically impaired. The experience of being among elderly gave me a chance to of various activities that are good to engage in during leisure time. As an entrepreneur in the making, I was able to acquire in-depth information on the requirements for starting up an event industry (Passmore 2015). The manager issued us with brochures to use in future. The manager also gave us contacts for all people whom to refer to for help or inquiry.



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