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The Pleasures of Eating - Article Review Example

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Article review
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The discussion identified the article Pleasures of Eating where Wendell Berry informs eaters that their separation from food production makes them become passive consumers. The food eaters no longer comprehend anything beyond the food they consume and the agricultural processes involved. According to Berry, consumers rely on the food industry for all the information they require which limits them to the depth of information they know. The article argues that consumers distance themselves from agricultural activities as they do not go through the cruel conditions farmers undergo before the food becomes finally availed for them to buy.

The article described that the food industry took over human beings eat whatever is presented to them without question. The author needed the ideology to change so that consumers become aware of the foods they food and the places they are grown. The article reveals the industrys deceit and consumer ignorance (Berry para. 5). The article is relevant because it requires consumers to apply logic, emotions, and values to control their thoughts about food.

The article reveals the ignorance of consumers because they do not understand they are part of the agricultural cycle. Berry describes the logic that a consumer's face uses in the acquisition of food that leaves food as an abstract idea whose source they do not understand. Consumers express no concerns about the manner food reached the stores, and the respective locations farmers live.

Eating is an agricultural process which starts from planting of crops that would end in the table of consumers. Berry argued that humans do not care if they are part of the process, or whether they are part of the agricultural process. Individuals do not understand that they relate in a way to the manner that food gets produced from the firms. The buyers do not have to consider them as consumers. Otherwise, they might not understand that they are passive consumers.

Food-related industries determine the manner that people consume food they buy. It is usual for customers to get pre-cooked food in supermarkets, which is perceived to save on cooking time. Food-related industries acquire profits through the food that is prepared and packed on behalf of buyers. The companies also translate their advertising overhead costs to the final cost of food (Berry para. 6). The article deduces that the apparent food chain involves food that runs from factories to consumers.

Urban shoppers feel that food comes from farms, but they have no idea about a firm and the way it looks. Urban dwellers do not understand the location of firms or even the activities that farmers do to put food. The essay alludes that customers make purchases without knowing the sources of the food and their possible contribution to the group. It is necessary for individuals to acknowledge their contribution to the food movement from the farms to the store shelves. Consumers have doubts regarding the ability of farmers to deliver foods to customers, yet they do not know the sources and contribute to the development of food from farms to the shelves. The contribution of customers may even make the prices of commodities reduce. Customers do not need to wait for food on the table rather they ought to make an effort to know the sources. The essay authenticates the efforts of farmers and the control which industries make people feel that crops they buy come from given sources.

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