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NGO's Requests for a Grant of $5,000,000 for the Pilot Project

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As one of the biggest NGO in Minnesota, serving over 450 children daily, we are very aware of the changes in our demographics in this service area. However, we remain committed to the growth and adaption to attain such emerging needs.

Our Minnesota pilot project will allow us to begin a year-long engagement that would analyze if our center can offer comprehensive healthcare access and further integrate the cultural competency of our board and other stakeholders. Our board of management is very enthusiastic of this program. They are eagerly waiting to launch it to make BBBS a furtherly inclusive and cultural center for children in the Minnesota community.

If we find during the tail end of the year that this program is successful, then the board would commit to involving part of the annual expenses to the projects operating budget. The program would be an integral part of BBBS core services. The completion of this project would allow the center to become a primary referral. It will further allow us to accept foreign referrals from other communal agencies in our service area.


John Doe

Executive Director

Budget Form

Particulars Amount


Membership dues xx

Directors xx

Philanthropic foundations xx

Local grants xx

Federal grants xx

Total xxx


Office rent xx

Office supplies xx

Office utilities xx

Communications xx

Warehouse Rent xx

Security xx

Computer, Printer and peripherals xx

Fuel, maintenance and insurance xx xxx

Net surplus / deficit xxx

Minnesota Common Grant Application Form

Grant Application Cover Sheet

Date of application: 28th November 2017 Application submitted to: Dr. Sylvester Amara Lamin

Organization Information

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities Name of organization Legal name, if different

2550 University Avenue West,

Suite 410N

Saint Paul, MN 55114

Address City, State, Zip Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Call: 651-789-2400 Fax: 651-789-2499

Phone Fax Website

Name of top paid staff Title Phone E-mail

Name of contact person regarding this application Title Phone E-mail

Is your organization an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit? x Yes No

If no, is your organization a public agency/unit of government? Yes No

If no, check with funder for details on using fiscal agents, and list name and address of fiscal agent:

Fiscal agents EIN number

Proposal Information

Please give a 2-3 sentence summary of request:

We write this proposal requesting for a $500,000 grant. These funds would be used for supporting the programs and fulfilling the objectives of the agency. Thank you

Population served: 500,000 Geographic area served:

50 states in 12 countries

Funds are being requested for (check one) Note: Please be sure funder provides the type of support you are seeking.

General operating support Start-up costs Capital x Project/program support Technical assistance Other (list) Project dates (if applicable): Fiscal year end: 2018


Dollar amount requested: $ 5,000,000

Total annual organization budget: $ 5,100,000

Total project budget (for support other than general operating): $ 4,000,000



Name and title of top paid staff or board chair: Signature Organization Budget


Part A

This section seeks to complete the Minnesota Common grant application form fully by providing all the details to the extent that is deemed correct. The proposal begins with the cover sheet that contains the necessary information for the organization, the project and the budget utilized regarding income and expenses breakdown. The section of filling out this form ends with the paper segment that is also completed. This paper would integrate several concepts, ides and even theories regarding the population and extra situations that are brought under analysis.

Part B


This section seeks to offer the entire purpose of the paper. The purpose of this article is to organize for a funding source provided by the Minnesota authority. This would be achieved through the fulfillment of all requirements which include the amount of money that we ask for through this proposal. The amount captured here relates to the initial clue offered to the funder where that carry on the work of offering particular percentages of the entire project support. However, this does not mean that the amount requested must be the total amount required from a funder. The manner in which this grant proposal is written though seems as though no other customized grant application would be sent to a different financier. The format adopted here is comprehensive and appealing, and it is very likely to earn all the funds requested without rejection.

Organization Information

Agency History

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities is about hundred years now in operation. It has served more than half-a-million kids by changing their lives for better forever especially through its Twin Cities. This is the most significant impact that the organization makes currently bearing a more straightforward and little look at the desire for making a difference. In the year 1904, there was a compassionate court clerk from the New York City who noticed more boys falling victims of his courtroom. His name was Ernest Coulter. So he then saw that if only adults would be more caring, then they would keep these boys in trouble. This is how he began Big Brothers movement (DuBois & Karcher, 2013). At this time, another group, Ladies of Charity, also assisted girls who fell victims to the New York Children Court. In the end, these two groups began working together through joined forces that formed Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. This happened in 1977. Presently, the organizations are envied and the respected in mentoring across the world. It serves several kids in up to 50 states within 12 nations globally. In America, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities is the biggest and also the oldest agency for mentoring which has made everybody very happy for its roles, contributions, and impacts to the nation.

Agency Mission and Goals

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities has a very firm foundation that enables people to get their kids back in the rightful direction of success. Some of the objectives of the organization are to match Twin Cities kids with their mentors, to serve over 2000 young folks yearly, to connect those considered big and little through the use of tested and evaluated models. It further seeks to maintain its rank of Top 10% of the total 300 agencies and to have a team that is specialized in proving the success of their track record. Finally, their dedication towards supporting professionals through bigs, littles and families is something that they have embraced for long. They also focus on presenting expert education and enrichment of their staff which helps the littles in attaining success right after their high school level and beyond.

Programs, services, and their funding

One Child. One Adult. One Life-Changing Friendship.

This program involved letting a child participate in a ball game challenge which would teach him/her perfect layup shooting, visiting libraries and parks while creating powerful kinds of relationship. Such relationships which are created assist the Little Brothers and Little Sisters in navigating the challenges in life. Other community-based mentor programs organized by the organization involve a one-to-one model of mentoring. This shows the amount of care that adult mentors show the children who are of between 8 and 12 years of age. As soon as a match is struck, the Bigs and Littles would pass the time in their communal activities that they enjoy together. They can engage in bike riding, visiting museums, board games, hanging out or just anything that they come up with together. Their timing can be during weekends, during the evenings or after school (DuBois & Karcher, 2014). Every match is unique since it even develops the schedule that is very workable for them both. The professional staff in the organization offer training, guidance and general support needed by Bigs to nurture their healthy and lasting relations. Both Bigs and Littles would be connecting very regularly in favor of the kids development by even offering resources as and when needed. The Bigs also ought to provide some activities and tickets to communal events, optionally though especially when the Littles exhaust the ways of spending time together.

A Little Time Together = A Big Impact.

This is one of the programs that focus on several ways that any Big Brother or Big Sister may observe the matter consistently while ensuring that the Little Brother or Little Sister is making a perfect match. The school-based kind of mentoring programs call for both the Bigs and the Littles meeting on a weekly basis at any appropriate time or place all across the school year. While at the match site, the two would spend time together whether at school or workplace where they spend time as one participating in actions that are guided by the staff of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. For instance, the matches they do are classified as games; they may also handle crafts, shared projects and homework together. This is just about finding something that they can manage while at their site. The kids participating in the School-Based mentoring program are those in the elementary or even middle-level schools spread across 15 schools in the Twin Cities. The organizations staff would offer their support all across the step of their ways since they assist in flourishing the matches. In some instances, these staff makes to become the lead in both support and lead actions.

Agency Achievements and collaboration with other agencies

The agency has achieved a lot of success in different fields. Health and wellness have been met through the hard work to get the right matches which are the Bigs and Littles having common interests such as sports and lifestyles. The Big Brothers Big Sisters have coordinated regular fitness themes actions such as healthy cooking classes, gym, yoga and other professional sporting events. All these matches must be assumed to show up and let the game...

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