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Law Essay Example: Federal Antitrust Law

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The role of the federal government involves checking for proper financial bonds between manufacturers, health care providers, and medical equipment. On the other ensure that no health facility over-prices its goods or services while preventing hospitals from violating the AKS (anti-kickback statue). However, according to Chemerinsky, (1989), the federal government is mandated with the task to exercise jurisdiction over various criminal acts as stated in the constitution or crimes that take place on federal property. This ensures that government resources are not misused or under-utilized by employees. The federal government also helps to recover taxpayer's money lost through different abusive arrangements.

False Claim Act

False claim Act also referred to as Lincolns law is a federal law that tackles ant fraudulent or improper claims related to health. Consequently, The Act qui tam ensures that a relator gets a percentage from a successful case against a defrauder and this motivates relators to give out information in case of fraud or an attempt to commit fraud. The federal government has recovered $17.4 billion from fraud against different healthcare programs.

Whistleblower protection

This is a law that shields all federal government workers in the U.S from persecution for issuing information about defrauders and people carrying out illegal activities within the government (Chemerinsky, 1989). The identity of whistleblowers is hidden under the Act to limit any impending danger that they might face. John Slowik was the whistleblower from the article, and he received approximately $ 44,102,573 from his state share of the civil settlement amount.

Anti-kickback statue

This is a criminal law that protects individuals from negative impacts of monopolies. For instance the Sherman Act, which prevents all conspiracies or restrictions to trade (Bauer & Kratzke, 2002). The statue is aimed at ensuring that government programs are not affected by unlawful ant acts or fraudulent activities from employees. The Act is responsible for looking at a company's commitment and compliance with the regulations set by the federal government. OCA approximately paid $312.45 million to settle civil claims in the federal government and other civil claims. The law also decided that a subsidiary of OCA was to pay $22.8 million to resolve all the criminal charges related to FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act).

Critique of "Who you gonna call?" concerning a Fraud

Nicki should speak to her supervisor about the looming fraud that is taking place in her department as a result of unethical procurement procedures. Since she is a finance officer, she is liable for any transaction taking place in the finance department; therefore resigning is not an option. By resigning she also risks being implicated in the fraud alongside her junior colleges who are fraudulently embezzling funds from the organization.

Personal Experiences

Working as a teller at the I&M bank I had to deal with a lot of dishonesty issue, more so from employees who tried to hide funds, according to the codes of conduct of the bank this was unethical and could lead to sucking. However, the region manager ensured that there was an open door policy to report such cases to ensure that honest employees could not fall victim to such practices. But the company did not install CCTV cameras and employ security guards who inspect employees before leaving the bank.



Bauer, J.P., & Kratzke, W.P (2002). Federal antitrust law: a treatise on the antitrust laws of the United States

Chemerinski, E. (1989). Federal jurisdiction. Little Brown & Company.


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