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Late Adulthood - Elderly Couple Case Study

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Human life is one of the mystical cases that researchers have ever tried to resolve. The perceptions of death and life surpasses the grasp and grip of the rational thoughts. Nonetheless, humans are constantly trying to understand the mystery of human life. As a consequence, Lydia and Johns case study deals with the last stage of human life which is the old age phase.

Dear Kristopher, thank you for identifying three solutions in light of the lifespan development of Lydia and John. The three suggestions you provided include development, maintenance, and regulation. Understanding these theories will without a doubt constitute to a successful aging for older persons. Nevertheless, it will provide a guide for future learning of successful aging. Consequently, it will foster the advancement models of care, policy, and interventions reforms.

Moreover, I agree with your notion that in developing theory, skills can be integrated with the individuals characteristics since it will aid in attaining knowledge, loss of regulation, and the conduct of the couples. Moreover, maintenance should be deemed necessary since it facilitates a person to gain back the energy especially when one is going through some difficulties (Singh & Misra, 2009). Finally, the theory of regulation focuses on the new behaviors and ways of getting used to old age.

As a result of these understandings, you were able to identify that Lydia and John were so much into their home. Therefore, it was necessary to have a living assistance and home care for maintenance. However, Lydia and Johns case study lacks a background of the challenges faced by elderly people. It is obvious from the case study that, elderly persons encounter various physiological, social, and physical role transformations (Hitchcott, Fastame, Langiu, & Penna, 2017). These changes challenge their sense of self and the possibility of living happily. Nonetheless, various issues needs to be addressed from the case study. The information missing involves, the question on whether the sons enjoy any care from their parents? When the sons did apprehended that Lydias memory was getting lost? And lastly, what was causing John fall?

To sum up, several elderly persons experience depression and loneliness at old age. This is mostly attributed to the aspect of staying alone or lack of close family members. Consequently, they feel disconnected from their culture of origin hence the reason why they cannot actively take part in the community services.



Hitchcott, P. K., Fastame, M. C., Langiu, D., & Penna, M. P. (2017). Cognitive failures in late adulthood: The role of age, social context and depressive symptoms. Plos ONE, 12(12), 1-14. Doi: 10.1371.

Singh, A., & Misra, N. (2009). Loneliness, depression, and sociability in old age. Industrial Psychiatry Journal, 18(1), 51. Doi:10.4103/0972-6748.57861.



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