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Governance in the United States of America According to Lao Tzu

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There are various ways in which Lao have viewed the manner in which the government or a system should be run. These tend to give the direction in which the economy can be managed to attain, peace, efficiency, and productivity.

While carrying out the comparison between the current America, Lao Tzu would view America as a nation which is guided by a lot of dictatorship and authoritarianism due to government interventions and strong controls which it imposes both domestically and internationally. According to Tao, good governance tend to intervene only if necessary and without a conspiracy of intentions. For instance, if one needs to be a great leader, they must learn how to follow but just give direction to the team members. However, this is contrary to the United States of America. In this nation and across the states, almost every aspect of the sector is controlled by the government. The activities controlled by the states encompass the immigration, health, transport, and communication as well as the trade and trading activities. Therefore, in regards to Taos doctrines, it is advisable for the leader to sit at the center of the circle and let all things take their course. It simply means that instead of the government regulating every segment of the economy, they should stop and let the forces of demand and supply in labor, the good and the money market to control the economic and social actions and activities. Besides, given that he believed that the worse leader is one who is despised, America would have also been viewed as the worse country since it gets critic from the American citizens as well as different countries like China, North Korea, and Russia. It seems that the country is being misled and the citizens, as well as the neighboring countries, are concerned about the manner in which the president enjoys the power at the expense of the citizens. It is a true reflection of the leader. The president is one who does not trust other people, a process which has also made them untrustworthy. Besides, it is because the leader normally talks (Via Twitter) but does not act. Tao thus calls for moderation while making any decision while making any decision which shall affect the entire country. Therefore, it is a grand call for trump to stop using the power of his office to control immigration, travel bans and control of the financial systems. Besides, he should stop implementing the control strategies but to allow the market to plays its role with minimum interventions.

However, the main aspect of the government which he would have loved most is the chain of command and the division of labor across ministries and sectors which prevent a clash in roles and improper flow of information from one department to another. These ensure that the government is run efficiently and effectively. Besides, given that America is the world superpower and does not use weapons for war or to threaten other countries, they tend to display a high level of maturity and control of the dangerous weapons. It also depicts the manner in which American government handles weapons and at the same time respects the lives of others. For instance, even though the North Korea threatens to attack them, with the massive weapons and other ammunition, they have not wedge war against them. Besides, he will be pleased with the manner in which they see through fears and the manner it has been overcoming the terror attacks and other threats without any problem. These are what have granted the US a lot of strength and power over other countries across the continents.


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