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Garuda Airline Call Center Customer Service - Presentation Example

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A call center in a corporate is essential because it assists in gaining a competitive advantage over the competitors. It helps customers to have direct access to the company products even when far away. Airline business requires a well-established call center to ensure that they can attract customers because of pre-flight services offered before a flight. The pre-flight services such as ticket booking ensure customers do not opt to choose services of a competitor who may have a call center. Garuda airline is the national airline in Indonesia. It faces competition from ANA airways and Japan airline. Garuda does not have a well-established call center a factor that gives the competitors advantage over the airline. For example, there are only two languages (Bahasa and English) available in the call center, and it does not have a call recording system ("Garuda Indonesia - Don't book online with them! - Air Travel Forum - TripAdvisor", 2017). Therefore, it is essential to look into the importance of having different languages for an airline and a well-established call record system.

Airline customers speak different languages, and they come from various nations. A company should match the customer language so that they may feel valued and develop a sense of belonging. Garuda airline should match the competitor's competency in the call center such as ANA airways because a call center offering clients variety of language has many benefits ("Contact ANAANA", 2017). For example, a multilingual customer care call center would benefit the airline in that customer would be able to clarify issues without necessarily visiting the company (Unger, Krzyzanowski & Wodak, 2015). Also, customers who have not been able to speak Bahasa and English and have been choosing other airlines because of communication barrier would probably select Garuda airline.

Garuda should also invest in a call record system that would help to keep a record of the interaction between the agent and the customer (Qin & Yang, 2014). The recording of the calls leads to better service quality, innovation, employee appraisal method, and increased customer satisfaction. Having multilingual call center and a call record system can help Garuda airline to compete more with its competitors in markets like in Japan and other places in the world.


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