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Expressing Attitudes in Strong and Weak Situations - Critical Thinking Example

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Critical thinking
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Attitude is expressed according to different circumstances which may be either active or weak situation. In this section, we discuss as to the strength of the view and how the strength depicts our behavior. The reason as to why social psychologists are not genuine in providing a clear understanding of attitudes is because they judge behavior by assumption. Social psychologists evaluate the situation and the behavior to give their views (Givolich et al., 2016).

Attitudes may be learned or inherited depending on the attitude objects. Expressing of attitudes focuses on majorly ones opinion. There are intense situations, and delicate situations and they rely on the intensity of the situation. In tough situations all sorts of survival mechanism are used. This is easily recognized because people with different characters reflect the same behavior. Weak situations, on the other hand, are not that clear, and the attitude depends on a persons character. Invulnerable situations one may do whatever they think is right (Givolich et al., 2016)

For instance, in the first position where a man comes in the store and insist that his coupons are combined and that he should be given a double discount. In this kind of situation, him being a manager, he had to explain to the customer the store's policy. The customers start being loud which is inappropriate. The manager finally gets the security to take the man out. In this case, when he was young he was taught that if he doesnt have anything nice to say, he should not say. He grows up with this attitude knowing that he should not be rude to other people. This kind of mentality is triggered by the attitude problem which is the customer. This sort of situation is the strong situation. The second strong situation is when he wants to harm his brother in law because he leaves his children with his wife yet his wife has some deals that she wants to be approved. The brother in law, in this case, is reckless and does not possess the same parenting principles as he does so he feels pissed and wants to express his anger towards him. In these two situations, the individual evaluates the intensity of the situation and can show his attitude towards the other individual in a very appropriate manner.

It is clear that different situations reflect different attitudes. Expressing of attitudes should follow these four categories which are revealed, inquire, suggest and evaluate. Evaluation is the most famous category since one can determine the problem and how to solve the situation. In this case, the kind of attitude object and the kind of attitude to express is looked at. These are intense situations, and delicate situations and each is determined by a persons character.



Givolich, T., Keltner, D., Chen. S., and Nisbett R. E, (2016). social psychology (4th edition). New York: W.W Norton $ company.


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