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Essay on Corruption in Policing

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Harvey Mudd College
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Police in Canada have also been involved in verbal, physical, and psychological bullying, racism, homophobia and sexism. Operationally, many officers report corruption in internal investigations and promotional practices that appear neutral, but in reality maintain the status quo. A talk with a police officers across all levels of policing, and with few exceptions, the stories of their workplace culture have been similar, albeit varying in extremes. First hand and second hand accounts of off-duty rape and various levels of workplace violence, harassment, and intimidation tactics used during internal investigations. In a rotten culture that punishes whistle blowers and rats, it is not a small percentage of bad-apple officers we need to worry about. Its the ones who cannot come forward to report the w wrongdoings f their colleagues or management that need protection, for it is these officers who can make changes.

I cannot give an appropriate answer to the complex query of how we change the culture of corruption in the police department. The sad news is, many of the officers who have given their views, despite their wish for change, were not optimistic about its reality. The solution lies in a multipronged approach that will likely require a generational shift before the culture reflects public expectations. Some of the suggestions from officers themselves are: whistle blower protection professionalization enhanced training, higher education requirements, civilian oversight of promotional proceedings and internal investigations, accountability and transparency for misconduct and open communication between police ranks.

The issues in these reported are not new to the police administrations and government bodies. What has become clear to me is that police administrations have yet to take seriously the impact of fractured, dysfunctional culture that damages many of its officers physically, mentally, and spiritually. Considering the recent Globe and Mail investigation from minority communities, we must consider how police culture impacts public services. It os time we get serious about police oversight, operational practices and police culture for the health of our officers, and to address the declining trust in, nd therefore legitimacy, of the police in Canada.


Corruption in Canadian police is evident according to the above findings. The police department has some rotten officers who practice corruption regardless of what the stipulation of police laws. The same vices are spreading at an alarming rate which shows how much the police department needs serious reforms.

Recruitment to the police force need to be re-examined because people of questionable characters are being recruited and they end up polluting the police department. Audit should also be aken on the performance of all police officers and action taken on the underperforming officers or those who work contrary to the police laws.

If the police department is kept unclean corruption and other ugly vices will continue crippling our police department.


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