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Essay Example: Moral Status of the Fetus

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The woman's right in terminating the abnormal or unwanted pregnancy have continuously been a disputable and provocative subject because of implications morally. Bearing in mind the subject of ethic dimension deemed to be inevitable since the termination of the pregnancy results in a living being killed (Harman, 310-324). In instilling moral evaluation of the killing of a being and establishing adequate restrictions if a need arises, our community should be fostering the moral status of the Festus murdered. Thus, the most pressing problem that encircles abortion is the moral status of the fetus. Our societies we come from upholds the morals of a community by condemning the killing of a being and some instances triggering moral action taken on such an individual through legal means which is not the case on the killing of an animal. Killing an animal is permissible, no legal implications are laid on that. Hence it is believed that human beings hold their space in the society and are highly regarded. Thus, a moral obligation is applied to people hence accorded moral status by being humane. As a result of the moral status granted to every human being, this paper affirms that fetus equally holds a moral status in society.

In the abortion phenomena, the status a fetus is a subject of great importance. The status of a fetus is a moral dilemma and not a social problem since it lies in the inner conditions, factors, and influences that lead to morality subject (Isaacs, 58-59). Since abortion is a moral choice, the applicability of moral evaluation is applicable henceforth. In some instance, abortion can be regrouped into two parts. One is that comprises of prenatally malformations diagnosis. The second is composed of a woman who unwillingly refuses to carry the pregnancy. The second one has no interconnection medically to the fetus germination. By chance, the morality of abortion is considered medically is the first group since it is believed that there are slim chances of survival of the pathological fetus, hence resulting to naturally eliminating it. Another reason that may lead to morally engaging in abortion is when the pregnancy in some cases threatens the life of the mother carrying the fetus (Isaacs, 58-59). Thus, by taking all these into account, some might say that it is reasonable to have an abortion. But substantiating the violation of the right to life of a fetus is a problem to them.

Fetus Morality is acquired when the fetus was formed. Thus, the moment the fetus was being molded on the woman's womb or at conception suggests that the fetus resulted in possessing the human term being. The religious concept indicates that it was at conception when the fetus was "ensouled" thus acquiring the soul of reasoning. The moment it was ensouled, the fetus acquired the full rights of obtaining appropriate rights and moral status. Hence, the moment an egg is fertilized in the human ovum and conceptualized, it is official that a human being has been created and possesses all human rights and freedoms that include those of having a moral status in the society (Harman, 310-324).

Equally, fetus possesses moral status liberally. It is demanded that every woman should have moral self-consciousness and personhood. The perception of self-determination anchors the pillars of human beings that equally a fetus enjoys. This is said to be so because no one has the legal or moral right to subject an infant to death.

From certain perspectives, the fetus is seen to acquire the moral status as the gestation period proceeds gradually. The heartbeat starts at the fourth week. Hence they are perceived to be human beings since they both pump blood and breath as any other human being. All the reflex movements, paradoxical characteristics take effect still when they are in the womb. They equally start moving up and down in the womb as a show that they have already developed the normal human characteristics (Harman, 310-324). All these said fetuses develop all the human features while in the womb hence they should be accorded the moral status as a fetus.

All in all, abortions always infringe the rights of a fetus morally. Let's accord the fetus the moral status required of it. The moral status starts from being conceptualized. Hence, a moral evaluation ought to be considered before a pregnancy is being terminated. The fetus has to be accorded ethical dimension and moral status at conceptualization.

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