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Essay Example: Fukuyama and Darwin

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Charles Darwin gets construed as a person whose interests are aligned with the changes witnessed in species. His views, especially on natural selection, are closely related to the issue of genetic engineering as put forward by one Fukuyama. The paper, therefore, explores the views of Darwin about the possibilities discussed by Fukuyama. It also goes further to the warnings which he may issue to the people who make decisions on genetic engineering. The other issue revolves how survival of the fittest may figure in the decision of the particular qualities designer babies and their offspring should possess. Lastly, the paper finalizes by projecting Darwin's opinion concerning genetic engineering being ethical or desirable.

Fukuyama contends that genetic engineering gets used in the agricultural biotechnology to enable the production or realization of genetically modified organisms. He uses the same point of view by saying that human genetic engineering moves to a higher level based on a new kind of eugenics which in the end impacts the human nature. Fukuyama goes ahead to discuss the possibilities noticed in the human genome project to received direct influence from the numerous advancement made in the information technology sector. The sector led to the analysis of the human's DNA and even other majors like the bio-informatics. The other possibility that Fukuyama discusses get based on the existence of higher order conditions and behaviors like the high intelligent quotient, matters aggression and sexuality among others. He bases his view of their existence based on the genesis possessed by an individual.

Charles Darwin responds to the views of Fukuyama by contending that the discussed possibilities explore changes that occur in the environment. Whereas Fukuyama discusses them based on the concept of genetic engineering, Charles Darwin focuses on the change conditions of life-based on the actions made on the reproductive system to cause variability. He believes in the opinion that the change in the variation directly influences conditions of the lifestyle of the organism thus depicting the concept of natural selection. Darwin believes that traits are selected by human beings based on their struggle for existence hence the adoption of those that can withstand the conditions. Darwin also issues a warning to those who would make the decision about genetic engineering based on the impending consequences. Most of the scientific evidence has shown genetic engineered products to have certain defects as opposed to natural selection even though both have areas of criticism. It is important to note that Charles Darwin does not come out openly to oppose genetic engineering but his views on natural selections depict the points of criticism.

Equally notable, survival of the fittest also figure the decisions of the particular qualities designer babies and their offspring possess based on the environment and the conditions that the baby gets subjected. Survival of the fittest requires the progressive adjustment to the surrounding for existence. The same concept applies to the designer babies based on the context. The mentioned goes contrary to genetic engineering which argues the issue of designer babies in consideration of genetic technology with the central focus on the geneticists which identifies the gene for particular traits like height, intelligence, self-esteem, color and aggression among others. In consideration of the views of Charles Darwin and Fukuyama, I believe that the former would perceive genetic engineering as desirable but not ethical. It may be desirable to meet a particular aim within the domain of science but not what should be given priority by human beings.

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