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Critique Assignment: Stress Management

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University of Richmond
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Stress management in an article based on a study conducted in the California Polytechnic State University that in one way or the other relates to anxiety management. The relevance of the material to the setting implies on the relation of anxiety and stress. In most cases, fear is explained as stress that continues way after the involved stressor has left or is no more. Within the setting of the article, it implies on a series of information playing a significant and essential role in ensuring that it defines the details surround stress or anxiety management.

The article defines on several key points which are significantly relevant to the details of the group proposal. It begins by describing what stress is and what it is all about in every setting. In its definition, it defines pressure and the response to a given demand placed to an individual. It adds details implying it as a typical reaction by the body when a threat is detected, and the body tries to release hormones meant to fight the feeling.

Furthermore, the article gives more details that relate to the stress management. The validity of section relies on its context as it defines the different topic that concern anxiety management. After identifying what stress is all about and the concerns, it adds on the how it affects individuals. These effects may revolve around the physiological impacts which involve the immune system or the body structure and may respond in different ways for instance through a cold or anything else. Also, the effects may revolve around the behavioral which involves the usual activities or behaviors that people develop when anxious and psychological forces that play a role in causing depression and anxiety.

However, the article was written in a way that is easily understandable, whereby it offers a proper delivery of information that responds and relates to the topic. After defining how the anxiety affects individuals, it provides other essential aspects of the study by determining the causes of the stress. In this section, it represents the different stressors that may bring about the anxiety especially in the workplaces. The stressors may include environment, academics, money, among others. Since the main aims of the article pertain managing the anxiousness, the report summarizes by implying and defining the different strategies surrounding the stress and anxiety management.

In different contexts, I agree with the definitions of the author; the author offers proper description which in various ways arrive at the best management strategies. With the different information provided, the author implies that the policy may pose a change and development to the involved personnel. For instance, the approach about attitude, exercise, sleeping, healthy relationships, time management, offer on the immediate help and solutions to the different conditions that lead to anxiousness among other forms of stress that an individual may encounter. Also, I agree with the author on the requirement that they respond to most of the assumptions that may develop relating to the anxiety management.

In correspondence to the formation of the article, it was based on research which implies on the availability of different individuals that played a significant part in collecting the relevant data and information. Following the various research evidence tabled from the bibliography, the article submits the specific research samples that help define details concerning the involvement of the study to the definitions of the overall research.

On the other hand, the information in the article is essential in various settings since it gives information concerning a critical topic and also delivers details concerning the involvement of the issue with other aspects, for instance, the human resource management. With the different techniques offered within the article, there is the distinct measure that is significant in their practical utilization following the need for anxiety management in the setting of the human life. With the information in the article, one can understand what stress entails. Also, an individual can understand the various ways through which anxiety affects a person in different aspects considering the type of pressure one is facing. It even helps increase the awareness and knowledge of what causes stress mainly in the structure of the various experiences one can undergo. Within the setting, the methods through which one can indenting the causes of pressure are evident which through their understanding, one attains the ability to manage these issues concerning anxiety.

With the information in this particular article, I can apply its content in ensuring that I can manage the anxiety issues that come up as a result of different happenings. The information not only looks at delivering personal help but would also play a significant role in developing the society as a whole not leaving out any involved personnel. Also, the information is essential for its practical uses in the different workplaces or organizational settings. To sum everything up, I would recommend this article to other individuals. It is because it provides one of the critical information needed to ensure that the human resource is managed well and successfully which is essential in every organizational setting or workplace.

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