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Coursework Example: Role of Healthcare Providers in Addressing Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking has been viewed by many as slave trade of the modern day involving gross violation of human rights. Many individuals fall victim to trafficking, in their own countries and across borders. It is hence a social responsibility of different stakeholders within to society to help control this problem. Healthcare providers are example of these stakeholders who often are in close interaction with victims in captivity. Appropriate training of these individuals can help equip them with necessary skills to identify and tools to help in assisting the trafficking victims.

Human trafficking victims are likely to suffer a wide range of health risks reflecting exceptional experiences and circumstances they undergo in captivity, understanding the reality that these victims encounter, is vital in identifying these individuals and addressing their diverse health care needs. Health issues related to mental health, physical trauma, infectious diseases and reproductive and genitourinary problems (Isaac, Solak, & Giardino, 2011). With knowledge of the stated health complications, training should be focused on proper identification of symptoms from where the victims can referred to important psychological and physical care units to enable them recover.

Federal action on training on human trafficking is important in addressing the above health risks on a legal action stand point. There has been needs assessment on comprehensive screening practices, the role of examination protocols and the content of effective training in relation which was proposed by a task force to monitor and combat trafficking. The taskforce involve numerous agencies and offices working on a health response basis to human trafficking (Powell, Dickins, & Stakolsa, 2017). Integration of these law enforcement wings in training practice for health care providers could be helpful in countering the human trafficking menace.

In summary, the human trafficking problem can best be managed is the health providers are trained in appropriate skills to identify victims and best health response interventions with regard to federal strategies will help in not only saving the victims from the trauma incurred but also helping the federal authority in controlling the trade by bringing the action of the trafficking perpetrators to their attention.



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Powell, C., Dickins, K., & Stakolsa, H. (2017). Training US health care proffesionals on human trafficking: where do e go from here? US National Library of Medicine.



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