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Coursework Example: Gang Organization Intervention Strategy

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Since late 20th century, some strategists have been put in place to reduce gun, gang and drug-related violence across different states. The seven strategies include enhanced federal prosecution, enhanced state and local prosecution, law enforcement parole and probation integration, community programs, supply-side intervention strategies, and gang/criminal organization interventions (McGarrell et al., 2010). The use of gang organization intervention is the most effective strategy to use in combating gun-related crimes. The strategy uses five approaches in an attempt to reduce gun-related violence. They include suppression, social intervention, social opportunity provision and community mobilization approaches.

Suppression approaches have accurately responded to the proximate causes of gangs. The suppression approaches that have been reported to be useful over the years are surveillance, arrest, and imprisonment (Webster, 2015). Suppression is considered the primary method used in dealing with gun-related crimes. Secondly, social intervention approach has been efficiently used to respond to emergency personal crisis cases. The plan helps to address the individual's need in a more immediate context. This method has a broad impact and is thus essential in combating gun crime.

Community mobilization has been shown to address the fundamental causes of gun violence efficiently. The approach can be used to target and coordinate services that address the needs of the gang members effectively (Higginson et al., 2015) Also, expansion of educational placements and job prospects as a social opportunity approach has proven highly effective in reducing gang numbers. This directly reduces the number of people involved in gun-related crimes in a particular region. Lastly, organizational change approach gives a broader consensus about gang problems. The approach helps regulatory bodies concentrate on the more immediate causes of gang violence (Higginson et al., 2015). Addressing these causes directly decreases the cases of gun-related crimes.

The use of various approaches as gang organization interventions provide the best way of combating gun-related crimes. These methods include suppression, social intervention, social opportunity provision, community mobilization approaches and organizational change.



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