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Corrections in Criminal Justice - Paper Example

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1. Women prisoners are treated more leniently compared to their male counterparts. The female cells are often more secure with few risks such as stone walls, or armed guard towers lie in the case of male inmates. Whereas female detainees usually have the freedom to walk around the prison, the males are highly restricted and guarded since they are considered violent when left to move freely within the premises (Ireland, Hails & Rush, 2011). A typical womens prisons look like a men's minimum or medium security prisons. The female detainees are held in dormitories or cottages as opposed to cellblocks where males are held. Despite the fact that hard criminals may be dangerous to deal with, it is essential that the prisons avoid corporal punishment as well as isolation of inmates (Siegel & Bartollas, 2017). They should otherwise be progressively offered vocational training, counselling and self-help activities that prepare them to take an active role in building their societies upon release. Punitive measures such as isolation and heavily restricted movements turn prisoners into hardcore criminals resulting in high incidences of recidivism, especially in male offenders.

2. Writ of Habeas corpus is a legal terminology which refers to the right of an accused person to appeal against unlawful detention or imprisonment (Siegel & Bartollas, 2017). In most cases, authorities may not have adequate evidence to sustain a suit against an accused person hence request for detention of the individual awaiting gathering of enough evidence. This process if not justified amounts to a gross violation of individual freedom of movement and right to due process hence habeas corpus prevents such incidences (Siegel & Bartollas, 2017). An example is an appeal for relief that someone detained as a suspect in a case of marijuana found at his gate when there is no adequate evidence that he or she owned it.

3. Clemency in criminal justice is whereby someone with executive authority such as the president of a country pardons people convicted of various offences (Ireland, Hails & Rush, 2011). Clemency is applied when the authorities are convinced that inmates serving life sentences have adequately reformed to be released or as a means of decongesting prisons. Clemency is a right approach to criminal justice since it transforms prisons into correctional facilities as opposed to institutions that harden criminals and promote recidivism (Ireland, Hails & Rush, 2011).

4. Civil commitment programs are arrangement put in place by the US federal governments and states that allow continued detention sexual offenders who are regarded as having the potential of repeat offending. A person who has been placed under a civil commitment program can be in jail indefinitely (Ireland, Hails & Rush, 2011). The legal imperative of this program is that it subjects people to indefinite detention even after the lapse of a jail term (Hanser, 2012). It thus transgresses the right of an accused person to justice.

5. Dear sir, I apply to be recruited to your organization as a community worker. I have just completed a five years jail term for armed burglary which has dramatically transformed my life and perception of the society. During the time in prison, I had the opportunity to reflect on my criminal life against the shared sense of humanity and brotherhood. The psychological reorientation, as well as trainings that I underwent, taught me that there are much more contributions I can make in improving the lives of people at risk of indulging in crimes such as the homeless and poor so that they may gain a renewed sense of belonging and embrace beneficial activities. The society now perceives me as a criminal despite the fact that the prison life and training changed my life and ways. I still find it challenging to interact freely with my peers, kin and community at large since none of them wants to be associated with a criminal. I am sure that engaging in community work will enable me to reconnect with the communities and resonate with the biases against former detainees. From this, I will be able to not only improve my sense of civility and service to humanity but also reenter my community which is highly suspicious of my conduct after being released from jail.


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