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Common Sense by Thomas Paine - Literary Essay Example

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The American history towards independence involved many reformers and radicals; they wanted to fight for their independence from the British colony. Political revolutionaries worked together and provided their different perception on how match towards independence should be executed. One of the most common writings in a pamphlet known as Common Sense, expressed the arguments that were in favor of the American independence. The pamphlet was composed by Thomas Paine (17371809), he had the passion for taking role towards American transformation. The objective of the following paper is to study on Common Sense, as the primary source of the document, the central issues and author's perception of it together with its historical significance.

Thomas Paine born in 1737 and died in 1809, was an England-born writer and political philosopher, the ideas he published in 1776 in his pamphlet Common Sense, were significant towards the shaping of the ideas that marked the Age of Revolution. Paines intended audience of the Common Sense were the people of early America. The introduction of the pamphlet stimulated treat to the English since it persuaded various people to make a breakthrough and start boycotting the English ruling with the aim of openly gaining independence from Great Britain.

The historical context of the pamphlet Common Sense, is based on the challenging the British authority together with the royal monarchy. The ideas in the pamphlets had the historical purpose of advocating for independence from the British people from the thirteen colonies.

The Paines central purpose of this pamphlet is to inform the people of the middle class about England's mays together with showing them the effects that they were experiencing every day in their lives under the British colonial rule. Paines central purpose is to ensure that the common people break from England and to cease to be part of their system in any way. He gave many reasons like the tax that England enforced.

The main idea in the Paine's "Common Sense" is that he tried to persuade the common people that there is no need to have interest in involving Britain with matters to do with America. The idea that he tries to engage the people with is that people should not even be held down by Britain or get taxed. He argued that "There are cases that cant be overdone by language and this is one of them." He continues saying that, we cannot go to break free by writing to the British, and it is the time that we have to stand up and fight back to take control.

The work by Thomas Paine was one of the main aspects that led to the American Revolution. The central thesis of the book is that (a) The form of government that the Americans were ruled was bad (b) The American colonies need to be independent and free from England as well as their own country. Before the event that led him to write the pamphlet, there were no many incidences of colonies rebelling against the English government, neither were they interested in the perception on abolishing the monarchy. People were still interested in being part of Britain, governed by the king, governed by the better law as well as, the more self-government. A big number of American's were persuaded they could advocate being independent and self-ruled without being ruled by the king anymore.

Thomas Paine had a strong feeling against the British colony, and he advocated for the American independence. "Whether the independence of the continent was declared too soon, or delayed too long, I will now enter into as an argument; my own simple opinion is that had it been eight months earlier it would have been a much better month. We did not make a proper use of the last month, neither could we, while we're in a dependent state."(pg. 108). Paine asserts that the American economy will improve once they attain independence. He believes s that once America are out of the British rule, they will be able to control and grow their economy.

Paine was against with the manner in which the England government operated. He thinks that the government should not extend their control to the religion, and he wanted the state and church to be separated. He believed that the government should not start to control what the people thought in or how they decide to live their lives. However, Thomas Paine's philosophies met some resistance. The ones who were loyal to the British crown were against is views and demanded his imprisonment since his ideas were not bold enough to be published.

The Common Sense has much to tell us about the historical era, it shows how the American people should start to view the common things, American need to understand how the British colony was manipulating ort minds and resources. There is no need for America to be under the rule of the other government, to be controlled in every activity that they are doing, having no right to do things with freedom. The taxations that were made benefited the English instead of the people of America. The pamphlet by Paine played a significant role during the American Revolution and the fight for independence by stating reasons why America should declare their independence and be control of their country.

The Pamphlet by Thomas Paine has the critical role in making us understand the historical era. We can learn and understand how the British colony operated in America, and how some of the American people who were loyal to the colony betrayed their people. We get to understand that, there are some of the Patriots, like Paine who was able to identify means that Americans can break their chains from the British.

Indeed, Thomas Paine was a true patriot of America, and his philosophies on his pamphlet Common Sense are still appreciated in the modern history of the role he played in advocating for America's Independence. Although he met some resistance, they heated and scorned him and claim that he heated authority and he is a revolutionist. Things that Panes wrote will not go away it will keep telling Americans that this revolution was fought for equality and it keeps inspiring people. In the past, present and future generation, people will learn to appreciate the role that the revolutionists like Paine played and the agendas that they had for America. Paine has set an excellent example of how people need to be patriotic in the society.



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