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Beyonce: A Musical Icon from Houston, TX

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Beyonce Knowles-Carter remains one of the greatest American music artists of all times. Lamb indicates that "Beyonce was born and raised in Houston, Texas on September 4, 1981, to Matthew Knowles and Tina Knowles" (par. 1). In the year 1990, Beyonce enrolled in Parker Elementary School, later she joined Kinder High school for Visual and Performing Arts, and finalized her academic journey at Alief Elsik High School (Lamb par. 1). Beyonce started performing music in school talent show competitions aged seven years (Lamb par. 2). She won in various events a factor that inspired her great interest in music (Lamb par. 2). Beyonce evolved to emerge as one of the greatest multitalented American artists of the time. Beyonce also demonstrates great personal traits evidenced by great leadership skill, family-work balance, social responsibility, and socializing skills that enable her main lasting effect in America music industry. Beyonce's excellent songwriting and vocal skills make her the most celebrated American music artist of all time.

Beyonce musical history

Beyonce auditioned for the all-girl entertainment group at the age of eight years and joined the Girl's Tyme music group (Lamb par. 2). The group unsuccessfully participated in the Star Search TV talent show competition at the time. In the year 1995, Beyonce father Matthew Knowles resigned from a sales job at Xerox to manage the Girl's Tyme group, and he cut down the group to four members (Lamb par. 3). In the year 1996, the group joined Columbia Records as Destiny Child music group (Lamb par. 2). This stage was the most crucial music breakthrough to the group marked by the release of several awards winning albums such as the self-titled debut album, "Destiny Child" and "Writings on the Wall," in the year 1999 it sold over eight million copies (Lamb par. 3). By the year 2000, several of the group members left the group leaving three members Beyonce, Rowland, and Williams. According to Lamb, " Destiny Child group released its last album, "Survivor" in the year 2001 that featured Grammy award-winning song, "Bootylicious" for Best R&B Group Performance" (par. 3).

Starting of Beyonce's solo music career

Beyonce began her solo music career in the year 2002 when she featured as a vocalist in Jay-Z's song (Lamb par. 4). Beyonce's first solo album, "Dangerously In Love" marked the beginning of her successful solo music career in the year 2003 (Lamb par. 4). The album won five Grammy awards ( Her second album, "B'Day," released in the year 2006 also performed extremely well locally and internationally (Lamb par. 4). Beyonce continued to release numerous solo hit single songs and albums that performed very well both in the American and international music industry.

Beyonce philanthropic work

Beyonce engages in various philanthropic works targeting the less fortunate members of the society both in the USA and internationally. According to Inside Philanthropy, "Beyonce and actress Salma Hayek cofounded the Chime for Change organization in the year 2012 which supports vulnerable women and girls internationally in matters education and healthcare" (par. 3). Beyonce donated five hundred thousand dollars towards the philanthropic organization in the year 2014 towards supporting girl child education and health in developing countries (InsidePhilanthropy par. 3). According to InsidePhilanthropy, "Beyonce founded the BeyGood Foundation philanthropic initiative in the year 2013 and continually donates towards the foundation in support of needy students' education in various schools and colleges in the USA" (par. 5).

Highlights on Beyonce's music success

Beyonce music has performed exceptionally well in the American and international music industry evidenced by many music award winnings, and attractive sales performance. According to Grammy Awards, "Beyonce music has won 23 Grammy Awards by the 61st Grammy Awards competition"(Lamb para. 4). This ranks her second behind Alisson Krauss among female artists in American history to have won most Grammy Awards (Lamb par. 4). Grammy Awards indicates that "Beyonce music has also attracted 62 Grammy Awards nominations which is the highest number of career nominations that a female artist ever received in history," representing Beyonce's music legacy. Most of her Grammy Awards wins has been associated with the best music video, the best R&B performance, the best female vocal performance among other qualities that makes her the best American artist of our time (Grammy Awards). Beyonce has released seven solo studio albums that have attracted high sales performance. However, the "I Am... Sasha Fierce" album remains the bestselling album so far with both physical and download sales estimated at 17.83 million copies just ahead of the "Dangerously in Love" album that has attracted approximately 16 million sales (

Reasons why Beyonce's fans like her

The highest-rated song based on the American Billboard Hot 100 Chart history is "Perfect." Some of the Beyonce's qualities in this song that makes her fans like her include great vocal qualities and excellent dancing skills. Most of her fans argue that the song depicts Beyonce's great singing vocal qualities that make her the best American music artists of the 21st century. The high proportion of the Beyonce fans also argued that the song depicted Beyonce's great dancing skills that make the song video extremely captivating to watch. Beyonce's fan base also claimed that the song video represented Beyonce's music consistency in the integration of creative imagery in music videos that make them both captivating and easy to relate within real-life happenings. Beyonce has continued to have a lasting effect on the American music scene due to her unique songwriting skill evidenced by creative and impactful song lyrics that enable her to enhance the connection with her music fans. Beyonce's socializing skills which allow her to avoid negative publicity on controversial issues have helped her to maintain a healthy, lasting relationship with her fans.

Other reasons to why Beyonce remains the greatest American music artist ever

Beyonce provides the best onstage music performance characterized by energetic dancing and great natural vocal qualities. These qualities make her live performances to continue drawing a large following demonstrates her onstage performance prowess. The increased application of choreographed dance music videos makes her music videos extremely captivating, leaving the fans yearning for more from her and enables her music to achieve great download and live-streaming performance. Beyonce also demonstrates great personal traits that are rare among other famous music artists in America. For instance, she portrays a great ability for striking a work-family life balance. Beyonce is a responsible mother of three who finds enough time for her family which is a rare personal leadership quality among American artists who abandon their families for work leading to family separation. Beyonce's ability to balance between family issues and work commitments remains her greatest music life legacy. Beyonce also demonstrates great personality traits regarding social responsibility evidenced by her commitment to philanthropic activities especially through her BeyGood Foundation philanthropic initiative that has been involved in many humanitarian activities.

Beyonce's winnings in various school talent show competitions greatly influenced her love for music. Beyonce's music prowess as a great vocalist was evident at an early stage of her music career while acting as a lead vocalist for two different music groups. Beyonce's great music qualities became evident to most Americans and international fans after pursuing a solo music career. She demonstrated her excellent songwriting skill evidenced by consistent original song lyrics. She also showed the great dancing skills that make her onstage performances and music videos extremely captivating to her fans enabling her to have a lasting influence in the American music scene. The creative integration of imagery in her songs makes it easy to connect emotionally with her fans a factor that enables her to establish a loyal fan base. She also demonstrates profound personal traits which include excellent personal leadership skills evidenced by the ability to strike a family-work life balance. Beyonce also shows great interpersonal and socializing skills which enables her to avoid negative publicity. She also demonstrates social responsibility evidenced by great philanthropic efforts. These music and personal qualities make Beyonce one of the greatest American music artists of all time.

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