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Asian Culture: Korean Surgery Influence on South East Asia. Essay Example.

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Surgery is the treatment of illness or wounds of the body cut or operation, especially with instruments. Surgery can also be defined as a division of medicine that is concerned with the treatment of the ailment, harms or other conditions by physical and device means. Also, it encompasses the management of acute harms and infections as differentiated from prolonged, slowly progressing illness except when patients with the latter kind of disease must be operated upon.

Korean is a nation-leading with the highest percentage of plastic surgery globally with more process per capita than any other country and whatever you need to alter is possible including eyes. It is noted that one out of five females in Seoul has undertaken some form of operation process, but many males have had surgical procedure too (Hong 114). Furthermore, standard methods include blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery to make the eyes look bigger and getting ones mandible shaved or chiseled down for a more V-shaped appearance. Blepharoplasty is also contentious as critics state that the process makes patients appear less Asian while advocates say that it is just a matter of enormous gorgeousness eyes matches more essentially or attractiveness. It is well-known that most Koreans dont have double eyelid line thus, in that case, sometimes they look drowsy and exhausted.

Surgery is a representation of white Americas history of cultural supremacy over South Korea, and it goes back to American plastic surgery innovator Dr. Ralph Millard who was based in Seoul from 1950 to 1953 to do the reconstructive operation for the combat injured. Millard was described as the first person to develop and execute the procedure in Korea. Cost of surgery is considerably inexpensive for a simple process such as binary eyelid operation, and as it goes more complex, more numerous methods may be needed at a higher fee, for example, epicanthoplasty alongside eye surgery.

Asian blepharoplasty or double eyelid procedure is on the increase in South East Asia particularly Thailand and Indonesia. Exercise has turned from controversial system to a common practice. The numeral of eyelid process has increased appreciations to rising incomes, mounting social acceptance and high existing attractiveness standard that favors large eyes. Also, predominantly female patients are getting younger with parents eager to spend more on their offspring to make them more beautiful (Chua 17). The request for attractiveness treatment is increasing in both Indonesia and Thailand as more dermatologists, and general practitioners flourish in the aesthetic business. Indonesia is undergoing a boom in cosmetic operation industry playing catch to regional nations such as Thailand and Korean.

Request for cosmetic operation in South East Asia may be partially determined by the world famous person who acknowledges having improved their appearance through surgery. As cosmetic operation turn out to be more available, less costly primarily in Indonesia and Thailand, more and more persons want to go under the blade (Chua 26). Korean pop culture K-Pop has overwhelmed Thai Society mainly youthful with propitiation with favorite music, technology, language, and others. Furthermore, bodily appearance of K-Pop and K-drama have made it likely for Korean beauty manufacturing to sell more of their goods to Thais. When supporters fawn over their preferred Korean superstars, they fawn over what those celebs wore, and even appearance and fashion becomes a development in Thailand.


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