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Annie John - A Literary Essay Example

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Annie John, bottom page 93 all the way the top page of 95, thematically, the pages reflects the issue of poverty. The conditions of poverty have been reflected in the passage as reflected by what I believe is the protagonist. She argues that she is looking for her reflection on a glass. However what she saw herself look like is pathetic. I just saw myself just hanging there among bolts of cloth, among Sunday hats and shoes, among mens and womens undergarments, among pots and pans, among brooms and the household soap, among notebooks and pens and ink, and among medicines for curing headache and medicines for curing colds. I believe such conditions are what characterize conditions of poverty. This is because persons under poverty are surrounded by such conditions whereby there is no specific place to keep own belongings.

From the look, the narrator of the story is reflecting on conditions that she is passing through as far as the issue of poverty is concerned. Its not a wonder that such conditions had transformed her look to a strange one. She states that the head was so big, and my eyes, which were big, too, sat in my big head wide open as if I had a fright. She continues to say that her skin was black in a way I had not noticed before as if someone had thrown a lot of soot out of a window just when I was passing by and it had all fallen on me. Such is a clear reflection of a person who has passed through serious poverty to an extent of even changing the whole body appearance.

Come to think of it how the passage puts how the face of the lady looked like. On my cheeks were little bumps, each with a perfect, round white point, my plaints stuck out in every direction from under my hat; my long, thin neck stuck out from the blouse of my uniform. It is clear that the lady has a miserable life that makes her have deep thought blurs. It is clear that she is experiencing an effect on psychological processes and behavior. She has to walk around maybe to ease what she is passing through. Its not a wonder that what is left for her is deep thoughts. The mind is perpetuating a life cycle of hardships. With such, she was left with nothing other than to sit down and encourage herself because of the kind of life she is experiencing. The changes in her life are a surprise to her and something that made her feel sorry for herself. She couldnt help it other than to sit and cry everything out.

Poverty is something that no person will never want to experience especially when one is young. It leads one to have deep thoughts due to its disadvantages. It lowers the self-esteem of a person and above all leads one to have no sense of life. The mind becomes occupied with evil thoughts. It is not a wonder that the lady is almost comparing herself to the picture of a Lucifer that she saw. In any case, her life is miserable. She is out of school but what is left of her is to walk and figure out the poverty life she is experiencing.


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