List of Dissertation Topics on Finance for MBA

List of Dissertation Topics on Finance for MBA

Submitting a dissertation is a mandatory step of the educational process of any MBA student. Composing this type of academic paper usually takes a lot of time since developing complex writing with around 15,000 words is not an easy task. To successfully complete your task, you will need to choose one of the winning finance research topics for your MBA. In this post, you will find some tips for picking the most fitting idea to write about and discover the list of finance topics, all of them are up-to-date and 100% understandable. 

Prompts to Find Easy Finance Dissertation Topics

How to determine which banking and finance dissertation topics will be a great fit for your assignment? Is it possible to grab a win-win idea for your academic paper! Sure! The secret tip to achieve both of these goals is to select a fresh and original topic. Here are a few methods on how to find a unique idea for your writing:

  • read several newest dissertations and find niches that require more detailed research;
  • explore theses to collect relevant ideas;
  • ask the professor for help;
  • search for new topics online. 

What is the biggest challenge when it comes to looking for free finance and accounting dissertation topics online? The fact is that many solutions or finance papers examples offered by the experts on various websites might appear to be irrelevant or fail to meet your academic level. In this post, our professional MBA writers collected some modern and unique topics you can use for your academic purposes. 

Hot Corporate Finance Dissertation Topics

If you are searching for exclusive finance thesis topics related to international corporations, big businesses, investment, and hedge funds, as well as funding, this list of ideas might suit your needs. How to maximize the shareholder’s value? What are the best ways to attract investment to big businesses? Grab one of these finance-related dissertation topics to know more. 

  1. How has Brexit influenced the investment conditions for big British companies?
  2. The changes in the bank sector caused by the COVID-19 crisis. 
  3. Most effective credit lines to be used in corporate budgeting.
  4. Risk control in international companies.
  5. The impact of internet banking on the financial sector.
  6. How can low interest help small companies grow big?
  7. Top challenges of the biggest cryptocurrency companies.
  8. The role of the accounting model in the company’s management.
  9. The changes in the British investment climate after Brexit.
  10. Advantages and disadvantages of mutual funds.
  11. The opportunities offered by microfinance to the banks. 
  12. Most effective ways to eliminate the consequences of the financial crisis for big companies. 
  13. Cryptocurrency: a pyramid or a prospective payment method?
  14. The role of leadership in making impactful decisions.
  15. How to improve a company’s income in unstable market conditions?
  16. The differences between stock and cryptocurrency markets.
  17. Budget control and administration.
  18. The big data and finances. 
  19. The future of trading with cryptocurrency bots. 
  20. Social responsibility of big companies. 
  21. The weakest point in corporate financial security. 
  22. Most effective corporate budgeting strategies.
  23. Making budget-related decisions in family-owned corporations. 
  24. Using artificial intelligence solutions in the financial field.
  25. The evolution of hedge funds. 
  26. The future of digital currency.

Personal Finances Dissertation Ideas 

Picking up dissertation topics on finance for MBA might be extremely difficult. However, if you are not good at writing about corporate finances, it might be an excellent idea to develop a paper in a completely different field, for example, personal budgeting. Many experts believe that this area is much easier to write about since you don’t need to analyze loads of statistics data. You can compose a paper about saving money, budgeting, and eliminating risks, or select any of the ideas below. 

  1. The advantages of private equity investment. 
  2. The future of automated accounting.
  3. Most effective ways of managing personal investments.
  4. How to eliminate financial risks of your household. 
  5. The financial risks of getting a mortgage. 
  6. Saving money in different currencies vs. cryptocurrency savings.
  7. Effect of Brexit on the individual’s pocket.
  8. Mastercard vs. Visa: which one will offer more in the future?
  9. How can individuals manage their portfolios effectively?
  10. Digital baking issues faced by elderly people.

Top Researchable Topics in Finance

In case you feel completely lost in both corporate and private budgeting, there are still plenty of business finance topics you can put into practice to develop a brilliant dissertation. 

  1. The role of micro-finance institutions in the state’s stability.
  2. Audit in the bank sector of the developed countries.
  3. Derivatives: facts and issues. 
  4. Factors to consider when choosing strategies for business accounting.
  5. Insurance policies in big companies related to COVID-19. 
  6. Stock volatility: benefits and risks.
  7. How to find the gaps in the results of the audit?
  8. Taking loans in banks vs. private institutions.
  9. How do tariffs, interests, and possible penalties impact an individual’s choice?
  10. The future of government regulation of the cryptocurrency field. 
  11. Making audits in the post-covid environment.
  12. Cybercrimes and the bank sector.
  13. Most common investment barriers and how to overcome them.
  14. The pros and cons of crypto swing trading.
  15. Insurable debts: the basic requirements.
  16. Basic approaches to venture capital.
  17. The correlation between the bank sector and stock markets.
  18. The future of demonetization. 
  19. Is it possible to make cryptocurrencies less volatile?
  20. The rules and examples of effective derivative investment. 
  21. Digitalization opportunities after the COVID-19 crisis.
  22. Impact of COVID-19 on the stock market.
  23. Is it possible to do a technical analysis of the cryptocurrency market? 
  24. The cryptocurrency regulation: is it really needed?
  25. The differences between measuring risks on stock and crypto markets. 
  26. Crypto market returns: facts vs. myths. 
  27. Will Ethereum become a dominant cryptocurrency on the market?
  28. The potential and possible usage of altcoins.
  29. Internal audit of international corporations.
  30. The impact of demonetization on the world-leading economies.
  31. The advantages and drawbacks of BASEL rules.
  32. Audit automation: pros and cons.
  33. Sarbanes-Oxley Act: advantages and weak points. 

Handy Topics for Dissertation 

There are some apposite topics you can use to compose your paper. These are hot solutions that don’t lose their relevance for years. Feel free to develop perfect writing with one of these ideas. 

  1. Ways to manage risk in the global bank sector. 
  2. Changes in the UK banking sector after Brexit. 
  3. The unique features of the Chinese financial sector. 
  4. Managing risks in the economic systems of European countries.
  5. Using stress tests in management. 
  6. Liquidity control and its role in the bank system. 
  7. Capital management rules: are they still working? 
  8. Asset liability: theory vs. practice. 
  9. Model risk administration.
  10. Comparative study of Internet banking services in Canada.
  11. Ways to improve the security of transactions online.
  12. Marketing in the bank sector.
  13. How to bring innovation in accounting systems of big companies.
  14. Internet banking in the countries of Eastern Europe.
  15. The future of Fintech.
  16. The impact of digital payments on the country’s economic situation.
  17. Tax revenue: an in-depth review.
  18. Mobile banking: the challenges and prospects. 
  19. Most innovative security practices in online transactions.
  20. Is financial ethics important?
  21. Whistleblowing vs. profits in the company.
  22. Most effective ways to reduce tax liabilities.
  23. The rules for financial, ethical guidance.
  24. The correlation between ethics and accounting.
  25. Education of accounting ethics: most common challenges.
  26. Professional legitimacy in the accounting field.
  27. How to maintain the independence of professional auditors? 
  28. Ways to ensure an effective auditing process.
  29. The future of using accounting control systems.
  30. Fraud in accounting. 
  31. How to prevent unethical behavior in the accounting field. 

Best Way to Complete Your Dissertation 

Sometimes it happens that you fail to meet the deadline. When it comes to different types of academic papers, you might often ask to have more time to complete your assignment. However, this rule might not work for the writing. So, is there any chance to finalize your paper if you have an urgent deadline? What if you can’t cope with writing a particular part of your dissertation? Fortunately, these issues can be easily solved. 

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