Interior Design Thesis Topics for Dissertation

Interior Design Thesis Topics for Dissertation

Interior design is not only about creating inviting living spaces. It's a complicated science that needs students to be good at engineering and art. They need to know how to create an environment comfortable for living. Specialists in interior design need to juggle between stunning visual solutions and usability. 

Therefore, students who study design, planning, and construction always experience many issues, trying to compose a leading-edge dissertation. Unfortunately, most of them get stuck when they need to develop some good interior design thesis ideas. But, being an undergraduate who got trapped and can hardly create a top title for your dissertation, you're free to grab one of the topics from the list below.

Simple Interior Design Thesis Topics

Indeed, all students want to tackle their academic papers fast. In case you're one of them but don't know how to get the assignment done lighting-fast, you should pick a simple and easy-to-research topic for your dissertation on interior design. Worth noting, the simple interior design topics are not generic, so you will keep your research focused on a particular point. By choosing one of the titles from the list below, you will easily find a lot of helpful information to support your arguments and findings. 

  1. Analysis of the interior design industry development in the US.
  2. Basics of interior design.
  3. Best artificial lighting solutions in detached houses.
  4. Top ways to make a living space safe.
  5. The importance of proper color combination for comfortable living.
  6. Best materials for interior design regardless of their cost.  
  7. Top ways to use free space in a spacious house.
  8. What makes working spaces special from the interior design perspective.
  9. How to create interior design plans that meet all clients' requirements.
  10. The emotional impact of interior design on people.
  11. The importance of plants in living spaces. 
  12. Contemporary interior design and its peculiarities.
  13. How to make a house pet-friendly.
  14. Main features of open space interior design planning.
  15. How to develop attractive public places.
  16. The connection between interior design and property prices. 
  17. Old interior design solutions that become trendy these days.
  18. Eco-friendly interior design and use of recycled materials.
  19. Importance of noise pollution in the planning of living spaces. 
  20. The main requirements for child room design.

Engaging Dissertation Topics for Interior Architecture

There are a lot of interesting interior design topics that can get readers engaged. Since all people live in houses, you can reach a broad audience by composing a dissertation on a topic that reflects the lives of a large number of readers. Also, by picking an engaging title for your dissertation, you will showcase your research skills and knowledge in the subject. Consequently, you will get a top grade to support your academic degree. One of the titles below will help you create an impressive topic with ease.

  1. Forward-thinking solution for enhancing the internal design of living spaces. 
  2. The amount of daylight required for living spaces located in the temperate zone.
  3. The use of modern technologies and smart sensors in interior design.
  4. Modern interior design solutions for small living spaces.
  5. Interior design that saves natural resources. 
  6. The use of moss in creating an engaging design of living space. 
  7. The balance between design and reliability.
  8. Role of stones in decorating premises.
  9. How the design of living spaces affects the mental health of people. 
  10. Importance of scents and light reflection in the internal design of living spaces.
  11. Most widespread misconceptions about the minimalism style in interior design.
  12. Best interior design for a commercial space.
  13. How to keep premises fire-proof without compromising on visual appeal. 
  14. Best ways to make internal design free of distractions. 
  15. Houses with space for remote working.
  16. How to create an environment that encourages learning in schools.
  17. Combination of traditional design with modern technologies.
  18. How to make navigation in a house intuitive.
  19. Minimum requirements for every living space in the 21st century.
  20. Affordable interior design solutions for two-bedroom apartments.

Best Ideas for Interior Design Research Paper

Don't you want to risk picking a too generic or a forward-looking topic for your dissertation? If so, you can pick one of the top titles to help you write a quality paper. Despite that, you will be able to showcase your skills and knowledge in planning. In addition, there is a lot of information to research on these topics, so you won't be required to spend a lot of time looking for reliable sources to support the presented findings.

  1. How to make interior design easy to upgrade.
  2. The role of culture and context in developing an interior design.
  3. How to create a multi-cultural living space.
  4. Best design solutions for hallways in multi-story buildings.
  5. Design of premises that promotes a stress-free atmosphere.
  6. How to make studio apartments comfortable for living.
  7. Best ways to combine light and dark colors when planning a design of apartments.
  8. Top mistakes conducted by inexperienced architects.
  9. Interior design peculiarities in oriental countries.
  10. How to combine different materials professionally.
  11. The use of VR and AR in the planning of living spaces.
  12. The importance of daylight in planning the design of rooms.
  13. Best design solutions that imply a lot of storage places.
  14. Peculiarities of interior design in buildings with glass walls.
  15. Design of open-space apartments that imply a parking place.
  16. Most widespread pitfalls that inexperienced architects don't know about.
  17. How to develop the design of premises that imply a fireplace.
  18. Best methods to integrate HVAC systems in interior design seamlessly.
  19. Primarily features of interior design in hospitals.
  20. Items and interior design solutions that make premises comfortable for a living. 

Things to Remember Before Writing Dissertation

Have you already picked a good topic, learn the difference between MLA and APA formatting, and are ready to start writing your dissertation? Don't forget about the important things that will help you compose the best academic paper in your class. Note, you need to pick a topic wisely. For starters, choose up to five titles for your dissertation. Next, research to find out if there are enough materials to compose a top-quality paper. If not, you're free to update the topics or develop new ones. It's recommended to choose creative titles if you want to write an interesting dissertation. Also, never forget to double-check your assignment to submit a paper that needs zero corrections.