Difference Between Thesis and Dissertation

Difference Between Thesis and Dissertation

Every graduate student has to deal with an unlimited number of complicated and daunting assignments. Nonetheless, it is critical to remember that the most prominent undertaking you will face is a thesis or dissertation. Irrespective of the type you will be working on, excellent writing skills, deep research abilities, and analytical thinking are a must. 

When it comes to dissertation vs thesis comparison, one should know what is a thesis paper and what is a dissertation, and mind drastic discrepancies between these types of academic essays. First and foremost, each of the pieces of writing happens at a certain time during the studying and features a plethora of specifications. Anyway, the profound comprehension of the subject and an ability to compile a well-structured and coherent text will never be odd out. 

Dissertation How It Is: Core Information and Key Peculiarities of the Paper

Before you compare the two types of academic writing, you should deal with notions first. Thus, a dissertation is an extended and complex undertaking that presupposes deep and all-rounded research. At this point, it is inevitable to highlight that it is assigned to learners who strive to receive a Ph.D. level. 

You can start searching for a compelling topic for your dissertation the moment you enter the course, as it may take up to a year or two to succeed with the project. 

What Is a Thesis? Specifications to Mind

What is a master's thesis? In fact, the answer is hidden in the question, as it is a piece of writing for learners who graduate from master’s programs. 

It is critical to remember that the purpose of writing is to emphasize the knowledge, skills, and expertise within the field. Additionally, the learner should highlight an ability to create a logical, well-structured, consistent, and coherent text. 

Key Similarities Between the Paper Types

Before you immerse yourself into the detailed characteristics of both paper types and discover key discrepancies, you should pay due attention to their correspondence. What is a thesis dissertation? How does it resemble the standard text? These are the questions you will be able to answer the moment you acknowledge what thesis and dissertation have in common.  

Check out the five most prominent features that make paper types similar:

  1. Purpose. Although in some instances the goals of thesis and dissertation writing differ, in the vast majority of educational institutions, these terms are interchangeable. 
  2. Terms. It is an important point that should be taken into account as you start working on the project. The learner should not only write but also defend and pass the text on time. 
  3. Topic. Generally, the results of your writing are predetermined by the theme you opt for. Focus on appealing and alluring topics that will help you signify your skills and knowledge. 
  4. Formatting. It is, probably, one of the fundamental points that may either help students stand out with academic writing or fail. Make sure you meet all the requirements that will keep the structure and format of your paper excellent and scholarly. 
  5. Grammar. The absence of grammar mistakes, data inaccuracies, and typos is critical for both types of writing. 

Thesis vs Dissertation Basic Differences to Be Aware Of

The moment you learn the general information about two types of academic writing, you are ready to dive deeper into PhD thesis vs dissertation discrepancy. The most significant discrepancy that should be minded is that the dissertation is based on the individual research of a student, while existing research may be used for thesis creation. 

Nevertheless, this is not the only feature that makes these two types of paper different. Instead, there is a whole list of specifications and peculiarities that make thesis and dissertation different. Keep reading to learn the most prominent ones that should obligatorily be taken into consideration. 


The students who are assigned to create a thesis or dissertation should realize that these are completely different papers when it comes to structure and formatting. While the thesis is a minimum of 100 pages long, a dissertation is at least 200-300 pages. Second, the thesis is based on the existing data analysis, while the dissertation deals with the results of the custom research. Third, it is critical to mind the formatting styles that are required for these pieces of scholarly writing. 


Once you have successfully accomplished the writing process, you will have to present the results of your work. When it comes to a thesis, the whole process may last up to an hour, while the dissertation demonstration may take hours. 


Although it has previously been specified that the goal of these projects is the same, it is inevitable to view it in detail if you strive for your paper to stand out. While the main idea behind the thesis is to emphasize the ability to reflect, learners compiling the dissertation should also showcase an ability to cope with tons of information, differentiate valid and irrelevant data, and specify the most prominent facts.